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Cat Pump Accessories

cat pump accessoriesCat Pumps offers a complete line of accessories to match the flow ad pressure requirements of each pump model. Our accessories are used to protect the pump from excessive pressures, overheating and abrasive liquids, while others enhance application performances. Using Cat Pumps accessories will ensure optimum pump performance and reduce maintenance expense and downtime.

Cat Pump Accessories 1

  • Good lubrication is one of the easiest and least expensive preventative maintenance steps for your pump. Cat Pumps crankcase oil is a special blend, multi-viscosity petroleum based hydraulic lubricant for your Cat Pumps.



Cat Pump Accessories 2

  • Pressure regulators offer pump protection against pressure spikes and maintain full system pressure. All systems require a primary pressure regulating device and a secondary safety relief.



Cat Pump Accessories 3

  • Pulsation Dampeners reduce pulsation and increase the life of the pump and system components. Dampeners are pre-charged with nitrogen to eliminate moisture and extend bladder life.