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Cat Pumps

Cat pumps from Bestline Manufacturing


  1. Special concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers are resistant to abrasion and result in extended seal life.
  1. Specially formulated, CAT PUMP exclusive Hi-Pressure Seal offers unmatched performance and seal life. Optional FPM, EPDM, PTFE or other special materials for application compatibility.
  1. 100% wet cup/seal design adds to service life by allowing pumped liquids to cool and lubricate the elastomers on both sides.
  1. The high strength stainless steel plunger rods have a 360° supported crosshead providing uncompromising plunger rod alignment.
  1. Matched oversized connecting rods are made of strength alloys with exceptional bearing quality.
  1. High strength forged brass manifolds. Optional 316 stainless steel, nickel aluminum bronze or Duplex SS for exceptional corrosion resistance.
  1. Oversized ball bearings or tapered roller bearing provide extended bearing life.
  1. Chrome-moly crankshaft provides unmatched strength and surface hardness for long life.
  1. The patented stepped piston rod with hard chrome-plated sleeve provides a durable wear surface and easy wet-end servicing.
  1. The cylinder and sleeve wear surfaces are hard chrome-plated stainless steel for longer service life.
  1. The stainless steel slinger provides back-up protection for the crankcase oil seal, keeping pumped liquids out of the crankcase.
  1. Die cast aluminum crankcase offers high strength, light weight, and excellent tolerance control. Optional cast iron.
  1. Spherical Quiet Valves offer self-centering and positive seating. Stainless Steel valves, seats and springs provide corrosion resistance and extended service life.


Cat pumps from Bestline Manufacturing

Selecting a CAT PUMP

The following steps will simplify the selection of a CAT PUMP. CAT PUMPS are triplex reciprocating plunger or piston pumps. They deliver a specified amount of flow determined by a bore, stroke and RPM of the pump.

  • Frame sizes As the frame size increases, the bore and stroke increase, resulting in higher flow capacity through the CAT PUMP and higher horsepower
  • Plunger Pumps Chemical and wear resistant ceramic plungers reciprocate through static high and low pressure seals. CAT PUMPS plunger pumps handle high pressures, require little maintenance and have a variety of drive options meeting many demanding requirements
  • Piston Pumps Dynamic piston assemblies, Uniflow valve design and mechanically actuated inlet valves result in strong suction capabilities
  • Manifold Material Select a manifold material to match the liquid requirements. CAT PUMPS have a variety of materials to handle your requirements: Brass (BB) 304 Stainless Steel (S), 316 Stainless Steel (SS), Duplex Stainless Steel (SSD), 316 Stainless Steel Low Carbon (SSL) or Nickel Aluminum Bronze (NAB). For hi-temp or low-lubricity liquids select the block-style or special flushed version (SSL Flushed). See our Chemical Capability Guide under Service on the CAT PUMPS web site to aid in selecting your manifold material
  • Drive Type CAT PUMPS are known for their drive-end durability and dependability. We offer a variety of drive types to meet your requirements. Belt driven. Clutch, direct-drive and gearbox for gas or diesel engines, electric motors, or hydraulic power sources are available.