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Sewer Jetting and sewer equipmentIndustrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Water Jetting and Water Blasting

Sewer jetting systems use high-pressure water to remove build-up and obstructions in sewer and drain lines. It’s a necessity for line maintenance and is a cost-effective alternative to line replacement. Whether cutting through roots in a residential system or jetting industrial and municipal locations, sewer jetting is essential to our everyday lives.

We strive to build the longest-lasting and most dependable pump in the jetting industry. When reliability and great value are important, be sure to choose Cat Pumps.


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The feed assembly to the flexible lance or hose shall be fitted with either a dump system or a dry shutoff control valve. The operator inserting the nozzle shall maintain control of the dump system.


A positive method shall be used to prevent the nozzle from reversing direction inside the item being cleaned.

Retro Jet Use:

During manual operations, the entrance to a line or pipe shall not be cleaned with a nozzle containing backward facing jets without adequate shielding. If this is not available, then some other method of cleaning the entrance shall be used.


The clearance between the outside diameter of the hose, lance and nozzle assembly and the inside wall of the item being cleaned shall be sufficient to allow adequate washout of water and debris.


An application whereby a hose fitted with a nozzle is inserted into, and retracted from, the interior of a tube. It is a system commonly used with a self-propelling nozzle for cleaning the internal surfaces of pipes or drains.

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