Wash Bay - Rail Cannon cleaning side of Haul Truck Wash Bays
Bestline works with our clients to supply all the high pressure pumps and accessories they might need for a variety of applications.

Earth Moving & Heavy Duty Vehicle Wash Bays

With over 50 years experience supplying the mines with Jetting equipment. Powerful Heavy Duty Pump units are required to quickly remove the solids, mud and sand from the Earth Moving Vehicle. Cat Pumps are consistently chosen for Earth Moving Vehicle Wash Bays because of their proven continuous duty applications and long life service and ease of maintenance. Bestline Jetting Equipment is ideal for underground wash bays that are semi automatic or drive through systems.

Wash Bay Design
Wash Bay - Rail Cannon cleaning side of Haul Truck
High Pressure Washer
Wash Bay - Rail Cannon Cleaning Bay
Wash Bays - Rail Cannon
Dual Pump Wash Bay System
Wash Bay Design