Borehole Installations: It’s All About the Right Drill Pumps

South Africa is struggling with water systems that are crumbling under the weight of our demand, and unless we do something about it, our next crisis will be regular water cuts which will affect business and our lives. But, why go thirsty or even struggle with daily operations when we have trillions of cubic metres of water right under our feet. Many rural areas rely on boreholes as a water resource – and the residential sector should be no different.

Any South African Citizen or Business Can Drill a Borehole

Groundwater is a sustainable investment free for the taking; any South African can drill a hole in the ground and utilise this unused resource. However, installing a borehole is a costly investment. If the installation process is not precise and carried out with the right equipment, your investment will quickly turn into a liability. As a result, you will need to partner with an installation company that provides only the best quality pumps.

The Right Drill Pump Can Exceed up to 300 Meters

These pumps can exceed up to 300 meters into the Earth’s crust, drilling into water tables. These pumps blast water or air into the hole which expels the clay, laterite, boulders, gravel, and mud layers. However, installing a borehole is not as easy as digging a hole into the ground and striking water. It can be a trying process. Engineers cannot always guarantee a water strike because the earth varies from region to region. As a result, it can take a contractor a few hours to install a borehole, or it can take weeks. It all depends on the terrain and the pump required.

A borehole is a costly investment that you want to get right the first time around. For this reason, it is essential to use the right pump to penetrate deep into the ground as you do not want to spend more money down the line drilling another hole, only because the first was incorrect. However, this will not happen if you partner with a credible pump supplier, such as Bestline Manufacturing.

Why Bestline Manufacturing?

Bestline Manufacturing is a Johannesburg-based company specialising in high-pressure washer cleaning equipment, high-pressure air and water pumps, reverse-osmosis pumps, drill pumps, and pump accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. As leaders in the industry, we engineer our drill pumps for extreme conditions. We also provide excellent customer support, repair services, and warranties. To find the right pump for your application, chat with us today.