Typical Applications for Industrial Pressure Washers

It appears that America’s prohibition laws may have led to an accidental discovery that would revolutionise deep cleaning. Whilst working on an illicit whisky still, in 1926, a Pennsylvania man found that forcing steam through a narrow hose offered the perfect way to clear the oil from his garage floor. This prompted him to design the precursor of what is now known as an industrial pressure washer. His experimenting revealed that water worked far better than steam, and, in doing so, he laid the foundations for a future industry of global proportions.

Today, these devices come in all sizes, utilise hot or cold water, with or without detergents, and are pumped by electricity or internal combustion engines. Nevertheless, they all rely on one simple principle: subject water to enough pressure, and it can blast its way through most things.

While that principle is applied daily across a wide range of industries, industrial pressure washers are probably known to the general public for their role in the commercial carwash. The task calls for an exceptionally versatile type of pump as it must handle both hot and cold water, and deal with waxes and detergents.


More Powerful Washers

While units such as these can meet the needs of the private motorist, those of the transport industry are more demanding and require more specialised facilities. The task of cleaning buses, locomotives and rolling stock is best tackled in specially designed bays that house the necessary industrial pressure washers. Let’s examine some of the other applications for this powerful cleaning technology.

One of the problems that municipalities have been experiencing over the past few decades is the growing incidence of graffiti. While some works may display artistic merit, most are merely eyesores that deface public buildings and can adversely affect property prices in the surrounding area. In addition to keeping their public transport, fire engines, police cars and local monuments looking their best, municipal workers must also turn their industrial pressure washers on the city’s walls to strip them of these unauthorised artworks.Industrial Pressure Washers

Almost everything we eat today has undergone some form of processing before it arrives on supermarket shelves. Whether that processing may be as simple as pre-washing and packing apples or grapes or as complex as preparing an entire pre-packed and frozen meal, hygiene is vital throughout the food and beverage industry. To minimise downtime and yet ensure that items such as blenders, mixers, vats, cutting tools and packaging equipment remain free of all contaminants, only the power of industrial pressure washers will suffice.

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