Important Benefits of Using a High Pressure Cleaner

Anyone who has spent their much-awaited free weekend cleaning cars, patios and driveways with a garden hose will probably have experienced frustration and backache and have been grateful to return to work on Monday morning. While this is still the way most people tackle these everyday household tasks, there is a far better alternative. A high pressure cleaner offers a means to avoid the pain of these backbreaking tasks by using a powerful water jet that can both scrub and rinse away the dirt with ease. If this alone is not a sufficient reason for you to think about purchasing one of these labour-saving devices, maybe you should consider its other benefits.high-pressure-cleaners-and-common-uses

At the heart of the device is a special type of pump. In domestic models, it is generally powered by an electric motor. The pump casing and delivery system are designed to restrict the flow of water, which results in the exceptionally high pressure necessary for the cleaner to perform its tasks. However, that restricted flow rate has an additional benefit.

In recent years, South Africans have become increasingly aware that the country faces a water crisis. The near-disastrous “Day Zero” drought in the Mother City was a frightening but compelling reminder of the pending effects of climate change. It was also undeniable proof of the urgent need for everyone to look for ways to help conserve this vital commodity. While cleaning tasks account for most domestic water usage, typically, a high pressure cleaner will use up to six times less water than a garden hose to perform the same task. While the latter generally pushes out between twenty-three to forty-five litres every minute, these pressurised devices use just a tad more than seven litres.

Naturally, consuming less water for cleaning can contribute substantially to the overall effort to minimise consumption and conserve potable reserves. However, we should not forget that consumers have been facing regular increases in their municipal water bills in recent years and must often still endure restrictions. Abandoning those hosepipes and scrubbing brushes, and purchasing a high pressure cleaner can be a great way to help slash those steadily growing monthly payments to the service provider.

So, it is clear that jet washing, as it is often known, is good for the environment and your pocket. However, it also has one more significant advantage when compared with alternative cleaning options. It is markedly more efficient. No amount of scrubbing can restore a neglected driveway to its former glory. By contrast, a high pressure cleaner powered by a Cat Pump, solely distributed by Bestline Manufacturing, is guaranteed to leave it looking as it did on the day it was laid.

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