Booster Pumps: A Saving Grace for the Standard Home and Business in South Africa

Are you a South African resident struggling with low home water pressure, or are you looking to increase pressure for a specific business application? Whether because of water systems, gravity, distance from the water source, or plumbing pipe problems, life without water pressure can make showering, laundry, dishes, sanitation, irrigation, and even washing hands a hassle.

Many areas throughout South Africa struggle with water pressure problems – but why struggle when there is a solution? Who would have thought that an uncomplicated object like a booster pump could increase water pressure and flow rate? If you have been eyeing one out for home or business, here’s how to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Use, Water Source Location, and Pressure

How much water do you need and are you on a free-standing or in a multiple-story unit? Water is weighty, and the further and steeper it travels, the more pressure placed on the pump—and this is the reason you need a tough, durable quality pump. The first step to choosing a water pressure pump is to recognise how much water your household uses, your water source location, and how much water you get out your faucet per minute. Once determined, you will have a better idea of the pressure required. These figures will help you calculate the flow rate in which you can find online step-by-step, or you can chat with one of the water pressure specialists at Bestline Manufacturing.

The Right Horsepower is a Must

There are many types of booster pumps, but which one is right for your specific needs? Whereas durable quality pressure pumps made from stainless steel will last for years, if you’re doing a DIY purchase and installation, keep in mind that a machine with pressure over 60 psi can damage your plumbing. As a result, do your research to find an engine with the right horsepower, and invest in 1000-W electric socket booster pumps. Again, your supplier can advise on whether it can connect to the water mains or a tank.

We Cater to Homes, Schools, Businesses, Farms, Commercial and Industrial Sectors

Light, compact and easy to install and maintain, booster pumps are a lifesaver for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in South Africa. Wherever you reside in South Africa – get in touch with the leading specialists of Cat pumps, stainless steel pumps, high-pressure cleaners, large frame and low flow industrial devices, direct-drive industrial pumps, and cat pump accessories.

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