4 Reasons to Buy High Pressure Washer Equipment to Clean Your Truck Fleet

Do you own a transport company and do you still use hand-held pressure washers? If so, consider the top reasons to buy high pressure equipment for regular washing of your trucks. This is also relevant if you own a construction company, an earthmoving equipment rental firm, or tour bus operation business. Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in one of these products:

1. On-Site Cleaning Requires Less Time

True, the drivers can clean the trucks, equipment or buses once they’ve returned to the fleet head office, but it is time-consuming. Considering how much you pay the drivers, it is also not cost-effective. Hand-held equipment cannot have the reach of installed high pressure washers. Rather than buying several hand-held units, invest in the heavy-duty industrial units available. The fleet of vehicles can be washed by a dedicated team in no time.

2. Clean Vehicles and Equipment Equal Positive Branding

Dirty machinery, trucks and related equipment used by your brand portray an image of poor service and quality. Clean vehicles and equipment, on the other hand, make a statement of quality care and attention to detail.

3. Improve Operator Morale

Working with dirty machinery and operating mud-filled trucks can be demotivating. Support operator pride by ensuring the machinery and trucks are clean. In this way, they will be proud to be associated with the brand, improving the way they handle the company assets.

4. Clean Machines and Vehicles Show You Maintain the Company’s Resources

If you want your employees to respect the company assets, start by giving them clean machinery. Unfortunately, the hand-held wash equipment cannot do the job quick enough to ensure optimal cleaning within a reasonable time. As such, some of the machines and trucks in the fleet will be dirty until you get around to cleaning them. Avoid the delay by buying quality high pressure washer systems, specifically made to get rid of dirt and grime in the most efficient way possible.

Where to Buy High Pressure Washer Systems?

We are a proud supplier of CAT pumps and our own line of jetting equipment. With more than four decades in the supply and installation of heavy-duty washers and pump systems at mines, construction companies, and fleet ownerships, we have a proven track record of excellence.

Final Thought

Maintain the neatness and operational quality of your vehicles and machines. Buy high pressure washer systems from us. Our head office is in Johannesburg, but we can supply your equipment needs throughout South Africa. Get in touch to discuss your particular cleaning equipment needs.