Buying High Quality Spray Nozzles

When it comes to spray nozzles, there will always be some degree of abrasion as they are constantly exposed to flowing water or other liquids at a high speed. It is therefore important to buy a high quality product that is made from a durable material that will reduce abrasion and allow you to get value out of your machinery.

When you are looking to buy spray nozzles, opt for a ceramic product. They are made from a high quality ceramic material that is very durable and provides outstanding wear resistance features. Their hardness is very impressive, measuring 7 on the Mohs scale, an indication of the scratch resistance of various minerals. These nozzles last on average almost 30 times longer than conventional stainless steel and they are significantly stronger than brass ones. They can be used in various applications across a variety of industries, and they are very popular due to their reliability and their improved durability.

Ceramic products are superior when it comes to resistance to abrasion, as compare to other materials. As the product becomes more worn, the flow of the water or chemical will increase, thereby becoming less effective as a high pressure cleaning method. Ceramic on the other hand, will last much longer, making your cleaning more effective for a longer period of time. It is one of the more preferred materials to use and is cost effective as they will last much longer and thus won’t need to be replaced as often. Since water flow won’t become less effective, it will allow your machine to operate at its fullest, without wasting water or other chemicals unnecessarily.

Nozzles are used in almost all types of high pressure cleaning equipment throughout the world. Although the machinery will vary in size, their function remains the same and they are used across various industries. Some of the more popular applications where these high pressure systems can be used include dust suppression, reverse osmosis, micro misting, sewer jetting, and heavy duty vehicle wash bays. They are mostly used in larger or industrial environments where high pressure applications are required. This is why it is so important to have reliable accessories and nozzles on these heavy duty machines.

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