Pressure Washers: Elevate Your Home and Car Wash Game this Christmas

If you’re over the age of 30, you’re more than likely one of many people who remember using a hosepipe, sponge, and bucket of soapy water to clean your mom or dad’s car. However, if you happened to live, let’s say, under a yellowwood tree, the chances are that you remember a sponge and a bucket of soapy water did not work as well. So, what does one do today when a regular garden hosepipe won’t do? You pull out your handheld car wash pressure washer and blast the dirt the away within seconds.

Driving a clean vehicle is one of the best feelings, and if you want to achieve a sparkling set of wheels, you’re going to need pressure washing. Although used mostly by vehicle washing businesses, homeowners consider pressure washer technology to be one of the most beneficial tools for vehicle owners. It can blast out water at powerful speeds, cleaning just about anything—from mould, graffiti, bird and bat markings, paint, and even chewing gum. Dependent on the pressure, it can even cut through metal. Here are some solid reasons to purchase one for your home.

1. Save Time Cleaning Tough Marks

Your vehicle plays a vital role in your life, both business and personal. It is a valuable investment that you need to maintain – with keeping it clean high on the list. Visiting your local car washer guarantees a sparkly set of wheels, but costs run-up. Also, DIY tough stain removal requires hours of your time, which a pressure washer can remove with one blast. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy such a device and clean your ride as you need—saving you money?

2. Versatile and Cost-effective

This technology is used widely in car dealerships and vehicle washer drive-throughs, but its size and ease of use make it ideal for personal use at home. These handy cleaning tools make outdoor cleaning a picnic. For instance, they can clean stubborn stains and dirt on walls, roofing, fencing, driveways, patios, and then, of course, your vehicle. Moreover, the best part is that you will use less water than you do with a garden hose. Making your water work harder, you will save water, which will reduce those forever-increasing water rates.

We Supply the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sector

If you haven’t purchased a pressure machine for your car or home, spoil yourself with one this Christmas with Bestline Manufacturing. As Gauteng’s leading specialists in pressure washers, high-pressure pumps, and low flow industrial products for residential, commercial and industrial applications, we engineer our products with high-quality materials for maximum resilience.

These devices are versatile, which means they are useful for cleaning just about anything. Just as there are many brands on the market, these tools come with multiple spray nozzles like jet nozzles, car wash brush nozzles and lance turbo nozzles – each designed for a higher or lower pressurized stream. To find out more about our various products and accessories, chat with one of our friendly specialists today.