Choose Cat Pumps For Your Car Wash Products

Cat Pumps has a complete range of car wash products that are designed to offer you long lasting reliability. They are designed to endure continuous use at optimal levels, without the hassle of having to replace and repair parts that break or wear through. Quality of the design is such that you can leave it to run for days on end and you will only need to service the unit after a few months, if at all.

In the past, a lot of car washes would install inferior products to help clean the cars and in most instances they would end up breaking down and needing repairs. That down time results in a loss of income for the owner because he cannot wash any vehicles in the wash bay unless it gets done by hand. All of that can be avoided by simply installing the best equipment that is guaranteed to last.

If you are worried about the cost, then you have to compare the trade off between the difference in price and the amount of money you will be spending on getting it fixed all the time. In that instance, you also have to include the money you lose from the closed wash bay, because it is essentially money that should be coming in and when you are not earning it, you are losing it.

Cat Pumps Are Built To Deliver

If you consider how the original design for these pumps was actually rejected by the person that requested the design, it is strange to see how it has grown into one of the biggest and most reliable pump manufacturers in the world. William Bruggeman was the mastermind behind the design and after his boss told him to scrap the project, he went on to start his own thing.

Even though the design was more expensive to manufacture, it managed to outlast and outperform just about every competitor in the market. The flexibility of the design also allows pumps to be customised to suite the required application. They have even manufactured different types of seals to allow different materials to be pumped through.

The fact that you can use them for a variety of applications across a number of different industries means that Cat pumps are extremely versatile and would obviously be the preferred choice for most businesses. You can use them to create misters around your restaurant for a nice cool environment on a hot summer’s day, or you can use them in a wash bay that is used for massive earth moving vehicles.

Quality Car Wash Products Are Built To Last

If you want to avoid excessive downtime, unnecessary costs for services and repairs and a loss of income because your car wash is not working, then it is a good idea to install the best possible equipment from the start. The pump manufacturer will be able to give you some sound advice for the what and the where, and all you need to do is give the go ahead to have it installed.

Once you choose Cat Pumps for your car wash products you can sit back and watch the money roll in.