Cat Branded Direct Drive Industrial Pumps for Sale in Johannesburg

Direct drive industrial pumps are generally used in the water jet and pressure washing industry where products of this nature need a reliable pumping system to keep them running at their best. This particular component is of the utmost importance in such items of equipment and machinery.

At Bestline Manufacturing we are able to assist you with a range of such units from only the best brands on the market. Here are a few interesting facts about the direct drive pump that you might find useful:

  • This type of pumping unit is a triplex unit that uses the energy of an electric motor to move its 3 plungers.
  • The simple design makes it easy to operate as well as repair and maintain should the need arise.
  • These are ideal for use in a number of industries including car washes, high pressure cleaning businesses and similar.

When browsing the market for the best possible options in this range you are bound to find that we at Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg stock these particular units. We support the Cat brand which is a reputable and sought after name on the market due to its reliability and durability across the board.

This manufacturer creates a wide variety of engine and electric styled units in this range. When it comes to 56C or 184TC face motors you will find that these motors are available for hollow shafts designed to cater to this. For systems up to 15HP you can expect bell housing mounts and flex couplers to be provided as part of the package. Both hollow shaft and gear box style engine pumps are made available in this range for you to choose from.

At Bestline Manufacturing we pay a great deal of attention to ensuring that the needs of our clients are met with products that are well designed, tested for strength and durability, and are well worth the price tag attached to them. In the industrial world there is little room for error or glitches in systems and this is why only the most reliable products and brands can be invested in.

We encourage all of our clients to take a close look at our catalogue and range which is quite extensive. If you let our consultants know about your specific situation, they will be happy to provide you with product related information and advice. Our staff members are all experienced in the field and as a result are able to offer you expert advice on the products of your choice. All of our clients are welcome to pay us a visit or contact us telephonically to discuss which products would be best suited to their needs and requirements, without exceeding their available budget.

At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg we have just the direct drive industrial pumps for you and your business. Spend some time discussing the products that we have on offer and allow one of our sales representatives to provide you with a quotation for your consideration.