Cat High-Pressure Pumps: Just What Your Business Needs


High-pressure pumps are required in a number of industries, including the plumbing and car-wash industry. As the name implies, a high-pressure pump produces a stream of water at a high speed and pressure. Starter pressure pumps produce around 800 psi (5500 kPa) of pressure. The way in which these pumps work is fairly simple in terms of operating concept. The water is fed through the pump where it is put under pressure by the pump motor. When the water flows out, it does so at a much higher force than when it entered the system. Of course, you might need a high-pressure pump that provides more than one pressure output setting for different uses, so these systems are typically designed with adjustable pressure settings.

If you are shopping around, you are bound to find a variety of high-pressure pumps available for various industries and applications. Each of these pumps will be able to offer a range of jetting or high-pressure distribution functions that can vary output from low to high pressure to suit whatever application it is intended for.

In our experience, the piston and the plunger pressure pumps are the two most popular types.  The piston pressure pump is able to achieve a maximum pressure of 1000 psi (6900 kPa). These pumps are usually the preferred choice for small high-pressure cleaning tasks. The plunger high-pressure pump is also a popular version and appreciated for its durability and power, while being easy to work with. After all, if you are going to be working with high pressure, you want to be sure that you or your employees can easily and safely handle the equipment. This type of pressure pump can produce exceptional pressures, which makes it ideal for a variety of industrial and heavy-duty applications.

We highly recommend the Cat Pumps range of high-pressure units. We are a leading distributor of the product in South Africa and we have absolute faith in this range. These pumps are tough, while offering higher volumetric efficiency than many other similar pumps currently available on the market. The range caters for a full spectrum of pressure requirements, all the way from 800 psi (5500 kPa) to 20 000 psi (137 900 kPa). It is safe to say that there is a Cat high-pressure pump out there for every industry and every application.

If you would like a demonstration on any of the high-pressure pumps that we stock or would like a quotation, kindly contact us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg today.