How CAT Hydraulic Pumps Work


Hydraulic pumps are commonly used in hydraulic drive systems to convert mechanical power into hydraulic energy. They are available in an assortment of derivatives suitable for use in various types of high-pressure equipment. Our selection includes piston pumps from CAT, with multiple drive options to ensure that you will be able to find the ideal one for your business’s needs. We offer positive-displacement hydrostatic models, as well as their hydrodynamic counterparts. A positive-displacement model forces liquid or gas through a sealed high-pressure system in an efficient and controllable manner.


When a hydraulic pump is running, it creates a vacuum to draw in the liquid or gas. This vacuum is created during the first piston cycle, which is also the case with our selection of CAT models. During the second cycle, the liquid or gas is forced through the system to the exit points, where it is usually sprayed through highly durable nozzles. These nozzles create the desired spray radius, which can be very wide for surface blasting, or very concentrated for clearing blockages. Today, we will look at how your business can utilise a high-pressure system and how the power is generated to create a high-pressure flow.


High-Pressure Systems for Your Business


We use CAT pumps when manufacturing high-pressure systems for our clients. We offer a wide range of different drive types as well, ensuring that the right model is used for its intended function. Positive-displacement pumps use a hydraulic drive to force liquids or gases through a closed system at high pressure. The force being created from the pump is converted into pressure to power such a system. The pressure can be controlled to ensure that the flow rate is optimal.


A controlled flow rate translates into a controlled high-pressure system that can be used for many different purposes. Surface blasters are very effective for industrial applications. The concept is to force a liquid, normally water, through a high-pressure system before it exits through spray nozzles in the desired spray radius. For effectively manipulating the stream on exit, you need a hydraulic pump that can be controlled to deliver the right pressure. The system can be used for surface blasting, which is also feasible for industrial vehicle wash bays.


Underground jetting equipment is used to clear the insides of pipelines. Instead of digging up a pipeline and replacing a blocked section, jetting equipment can blast through such a blockage. Our selection of CAT hydraulic pumps offers several feasible choices to power such equipment. Since you will need a concentrated jet of water leaving the system, the pressure must be in line with what is required to do the job. As a result, we only use quality pumps in our manufacturing process to give you trustworthy and durable equipment for your business.


Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide range of CAT hydraulic pumps for your high-pressure systems. We also manufacture a wide selection of equipment that can be put to work in your business. For more information on how we can meet your needs for high-pressure equipment, please peruse our website for details and complete listings on our available products and solutions.