Cat Industrial Pumps are Built to Last

Cat industrial pumps have a reputation for outlasting the competition when it comes to delivering consistent performance from your high pressure pumps. The biggest and probably one of the most important attributes to any industrial product has to be reliability. If you consider how often industrial products get used in a normal setting, it is easy to see why they need to be reliable.

The original cat pump was first designed back in the late 60’s when the whole idea was actually scrapped by the person that ordered the design. The engineer behind the design actually ended up pursuing the idea on his own and he managed to enter the market by supplying his product to the car wash and pressure wash businesses. In fact, he actually took up a challenge with a business owner to prove that his pumps would outlast the existing one.

When the pump ended up lasting 10 times longer than its predecessor, without any servicing or maintenance, it became clear that Cat pumps were superior by far. Their long lasting reliability and consistency gave them a good reputation and they are referred to as “the pumps with nine lives”

Cat Industrial Pumps Are Available in Johannesburg

You can find Bestline Manufacturing in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, where they manufacture and sell over 150 different models that can be used for a number of different settings and applications. The High pressure industrial pumps are often used in the mining and manufacturing industries where their use is mainly to assist the production process.

Smaller applications include car washes and wash bays, as well as using the high pressure washers inside of hotel and restaurant kitchens and bakeries to clean all the equipment and the floors. These are clearly not industrial in nature, but the need for a high pressure cleaning system is still there. As you can see, Cat Pumps are capable of delivering their reliable performance across many sectors and that is why so many companies choose them.

In addition to the reliability, you also have a local manufacturer right here in South Africa. That means you get the quality and convenience without having to worry about import problems and additional costs from the exchange rates. It also means that you have the necessary support should something go wrong with your pump.

Choosing Cat industrial pumps is a smart way to go if you are looking for a reliable high pressure system.