Piston Pumps

How the Piston Pump Works


Whether you need gas- or liquid-based materials to be pumped through certain channels, piston pumps can be one of the most viable options to achieve high-pressure pumping. Much like any other industrial concept, the piston concept has its rivals and limitations, although minimal, and would need to showcase a level of effectivity before being applied to certain pumps within the industry.


Should you be looking for a selection of quality Cat piston pumps in Johannesburg, Bestline Manufacturing offers a comprehensive selection of high-pressure piston pumps to choose from, opening a world of applications and functions for your business. To fully grasp the concept of the piston pump and the reason behind its clear benefits, we should start with the piston aspect of the pump.


Piston vs Plunger


The basic functionality of any pump is to increase and decrease the pressure of a gas or liquid within a sealed unit, which would usually be a round pipe due to its proven and effective design that allows gasses and liquids to evenly travel from one point to another. Once a pump is applied to such a pipeline, the pump can increase the pressure by forcing the gas or liquid to be contained in a smaller area within the pipeline. This is accomplished by the pump mechanism being expanded to reduce the overall area within the pipeline, and being retracted once again to relax the pressure. A repeat of this sequence will result in pumping gasses or liquids from one point of the pipeline to the other.


Both plunger and piston pump concepts use this method. Plunger pumps are used to create a vacuum and harness to power of a pulling force, as opposed to piston pumps that use the power of a pushing force to get the job done. As a result, piston pumps can be very effective in high-pressure pumping applications, giving you a range of applications in the industrial and commercial sectors. Should you be looking for an effective way to clean your heavy-duty machinery when returning from a construction site, or a viable solution to using high-pressure sewer jetting in Johannesburg, Bestline Manufacturing can be of service to you. Our range of piston pumps can be applied in many ways, granting you the power of high-pressure pumping to accomplish your full potential within your line of work.


Bestline Manufacturing has been using Cat Pumps for more than 40 years to meet our clients’ pumping requirements. For a full range of our piston pumps, feel free to peruse our website to your leisure or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Experience the benefits we can add to your business.