The Best Cat-Powered Pressure Pumps for Sale in South Africa


If you operate a business that needs to carry out heavy-duty cleaning tasks, you might want to invest in one or several pressure pumps. Pressure pumps are typically used to power cleaning equipment that remove chemicals, grease, grime, mould, mildew, and more. A high-pressure pump is specifically designed to draw in liquid and release it at high pressure, often at more than 800 pounds per square inch (psi), or 55 bars. While inside the unit, the liquid is pressurised and when the nozzle of the attached hose is opened, the liquid is released a high pressure. What is great about these pumps is that you can set the pressure that you would like to use, making it possible for you to use the same unit to complete both mild and heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

When shopping around for pressure pumps on the South African market, you will undoubtedly find that Cat pumps are the most sought after for their proven durability and strength. These pumps are designed to perform and are provided with a guarantee for your peace of mind.

You will encounter two main types of pumps when comparing the units available on the market. The piston pressure pump is used for mild cleaning tasks where high temperatures are not used. The pressure released is not very high and while effective in many cleaning tasks, it is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks where a deeper cleaning action is required. Heavy-duty cleaning tasks are best left to the plunger-type pressure pumps. These pressure pumps are best suited to industrial cleaning tasks.

Bestline Manufacturing highly recommends that you consider our Cat pumps. We are sole distributors of this product range in South Africa and we can offer you excellent prices on all units. Our range has been on the market for over 30 years and the manufacturer offers an after-sales support that is second to none. In the rare event of a breakage or product failure, we can take care of it out for you quickly and easily.

When it comes to investing in pressure pumps that will last a life time, Cat pumps are the way to go. When buying one of our pumps, we will also provide you with further guidance on how to care for and maintain the unit to prolong its lifespan. If you would like to discover the Cat pumps high-pressure range, waste no more time. Contact us via email or telephone at Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg today.