Where to Find Cat Pressure Pumps in South Africa

Pressure pumps are used in a wide range of applications across many industries. You can find Cat pressure pumps in applications such as car wash systems, oil drilling machines, and high-speed carnival rides to name only a few.

Our firm, with head offices in Johannesburg, is the sole franchise holder in southern Africa for the distribution of the world-famous Cat Pumps. Indeed, this is an honour bestowed on us back in 1971, and we have ever since been the only firm trusted to supply and install the pressure systems from the brand at the southern tip of Africa. We take this responsibility seriously and aim to meet the high standards that have been set by the family operated manufacturer in the USA.

hydrostatic pressure testing

The complete range now exceeds 1 000, and we are able to provide parts from stock with over 150 pump models right here in South Africa. If you don’t find the product that you need, simply ask us as we gladly assist in ensuring your requirements are met.

Apart from the Cat Pumps, we stock a complete range of accessories to match each of the models that we sell. These accessories help protect the equipment from overheating, undue high pressures and liquids that can have an abrasive effect on the equipment. We also stock accessories that specifically enhance application performance and help to reduce maintenance or downtime.

Crankcase oil

Lubrication is at the heart of machine durability. It is the first line-defence against downtime. If there is one preventative maintenance step never to forget, then it is lubrication. The Cat Pumps crankcase oil has been formulated for best lubrication. It is a multi-viscosity petroleum-based lubrication formulation that provides for the smooth operation of the equipment.

Pressure regulators

The units are needed for regulating pressure and to protect the equipment against spikes.

Pulsation dampeners

The equipment helps to reduce pulsation. With such, the lifespan of the pump and its components is also extended. The dampeners are nitrogen charged. This helps to eliminate moisture with the added benefit of bladder life extension.

You need exceptionally powerful equipment to remove the dirt and grime that builds up on earth-moving equipment. The pressure pumps from the Cat brand do not disappoint and are widely used in earth-moving vehicle wash bays. This is but one application example. Browse the application category for more examples. Give us a call or complete the online form to have a consultant contact you to discuss how we can meet your particular equipment needs.