Cat Pump Manufacturers Make Reliable Pumps

The original Cat Pump manufacturers were located in Minnesota, USA and the very first pump ever designed was by an engineer called William Bruggeman. He was working for a pressure washer manufacturer as far back as 1968 when Bruggeman was tasked with designing a new type for the pressure washing industry. At the time, most pressure washing systems were weak and inefficient and they often burnt out or broke down.

After a few months hard work at the drawing board he managed to design a pump that was far more superior to anything that was currently available on the market. Unfortunately the idea was scrapped by his boss because he thought it was too expensive to mass produce. Bruggeman knew his design was far more reliable and that it would actually add value for companies that used them.

Instead of leaving the whole thing, he was so fuelled by his belief in the quality and design of his pumps that he went about starting the company on his own. In the process he discovered a whole new market for his pumps. Particularly in the car wash industry, where he took up a 30 day challenge to keep the pump running. The pumps exceeded the 30 days and lasted nearly ten times longer than its predecessor.

Ever since then, the pumps have earned the reputation of being the pump with nine lives because they are able to last so long.

The Manufacturers Are Here in South Africa

Bestline Manufacturing has had the honour of being the sole franchise holders in Southern Africa since 1971 and they have been making the Cat pumps and accessories according to the original nine lives specifications. The actual company is located in the north of Johannesburg and they are able to offer you over 150 different models that can be used in more than 500 different applications.

Their pumps can be installed inside a car wash or used as a pressure washer inside a restaurant kitchen. They can also cater for heavy duty applications that you often find in an industrial setting. The flexibility of the pump design allows them to be used for more than one application. They are also able to assist with general maintenance and repairs should you require it.

The sheer reliability and consistent performance from the pumps has more than earned their reputation as a top quality manufacturer that delivers every time.