CAT Pumps for Water-Jetting Equipment


High-pressure jetting equipment is useful for a plethora of applications in industrial and commercial settings. The concept behind these machines is to generate pressure within a sealed system that will force water, or any other liquid, to leave the system at high speed. This high-pressure flow hits the spray nozzles and is fashioned into a stream that is jetted from the nozzles to use for whatever function it is intended. Such equipment includes vehicle wash bays, underground jetting equipment, and surface blasters. Either way, we use CAT Pumps to generate the pressure in our equipment.


Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide range of water-jetting equipment that utilises high-pressure within a sealed system. We use CERJET nozzles in conjunction with CAT Pumps to ensure that the spray nozzles can handle the constant, abrasive liquid flow. These systems offer durability and wear resistance over extended periods. No matter which type of high-pressure system or equipment you need, we can provide a viable and suitable solution. We also offer a complete selection of CAT Pumps to power your current high-pressure systems.


Vehicle fleets are a given in every large business. Whether it is an industrial fleet used for construction or a commercial fleet for delivery or transporting people, they must be cleaned regularly. Our solution comes in the shape of custom-built vehicle wash bays made especially for cleaning these large earthmoving and commercial vehicles. The bays are customisable in terms of design to suit their intended environment and meet the needs of your business, saving you time and money. We use CAT Pumps in these wash bays to deliver optimal performance and accurate control.


Surface blasters are regularly used for different purposes within the industrial and commercial sectors. These blasters deliver a powerful concentrated or spread-out spray to blast surfaces clean. Cement warehouse and workshop floors are an ideal example of a suitable surface to clean with such a blaster. They can also be used for other functions, dependent on the nature of your business. Our selection of CAT Pumps can be used for various applications; however, in the case of surface blasting, it is important to have fine control over the flow rate and force – and these pumps will deliver what you need for optimal results.


Bestline Manufacturing is your first choice in high-pressure solutions in Johannesburg. We also offer an extensive range of CAT Pumps for your existing high-pressure systems. For more information on how we can elevate the efficiency of your high-pressure equipment, please peruse our website for a full list of available equipment from CAT Pumps.