CAT Pumps – Manufacturers of Durable and Reliable High-Pressure Plunger Pumps

There is a common misconception that all pumps are the same. After all, isn’t their main function to transfer liquids from point A to point B? Transferring liquids is what most pumps do, but the type of pump chosen depends on the intended application, the amount of pressure per square inch, flow rates, and above all, the quality of the pump, of which CAT Pumps stands above the rest.

As the sole franchise holders of CAT Pumps in southern Africa, we at Bestline Manufacturing assure customers of the highest quality and long-lasting high-pressure plunger pumps for the most demanding applications. The biggest decision you will have to make when selecting a CAT plunger pump is which model to choose.

Cat Pumps

Operating Principle of Plunger Pumps

The confusion that all pumps are the same can be compounded when one doesn’t know the operating principle of the pump. After all, plunger pumps work like piston pumps. Though, unlike piston pumps, plunger pumps have a plunger, or multiple plungers, as the displacing element and not a piston. The plunger is fed into the working chamber through a stroke movement and sealed off by a fixed seal where the seal for a piston pump oscillates with the action of the pistons. Consider plunger pumps as the workhorses in pumping as their versatility allows them to handle large volumes of liquid at high operating pressures. Whether needed for micro misting and cooling, dust suppression, or industrial drilling and flushing operations, these workhorses will stand the test of time.


CAT Pumps – Manufactured to Perfection

From the crankshaft right through to the plunger rods, the design of the CAT Pumps’ plunger pumps offers high durability and long life. All the design elements take into consideration the different types of liquid that will be transferred through it as well as the operating capacity. The materials used in the manufacture of their plunger pumps include special die-cast alloys, high tensile strength stainless steel, and a two-coat electrostatic paint process that provides a surface that is water- and chemical-resistant, making these pumps highly durable. To complete the design aspects, CAT Pumps has come up with a 100% wet seal design, adding to the service life of the plunger pumps.


Delivering Ultimate Efficiency

Properly designed plunger pump systems deliver constant and precise flow and pressure rates. Finding the right plunger pump with the highest efficiency rating is what you can expect from CAT Pumps. The performance range of CAT Pumps plunger pumps is 0.13 GPM (gallons per minute) to 240 GPM, which is between 0.49 and 908 LPM (litres per minute) and 100 PSI to 10 000 PSI, making them ideal for applications that require minimum or maximum amounts of pressure. When paired with the right nozzle, a lower flow rate can still produce high pressure, for example, a misting system, which has a flow rate of less than a 1 LPM (a quarter GPM) can put out 1000 PSI.


Built to Outlast

Manufacturers of pump systems are continuously looking for ways to optimise their pumping equipment to deliver value to customers, something that we at Bestline Manufacturing have already achieved through our range of CAT Pumps. Our affiliation with “The Pumps with Nine Lives” began in 1971 and continues to grow in strength, affording us the opportunity of providing high-quality pumping solutions that last. To find out more about how CAT Pumps can improve operating efficiency, contact us.


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