Choose CAT Pumps for Guaranteed Reliability, Durability, and Performance


When it comes to most high-pressure systems, pumps are a part of the equation and because durability and reliability are required in situations where liquids are pumped, only the best-quality products on the market should be considered. If you have been shopping around, you will probably know that CAT Pumps are an industry leader in terms of accurate and durable pumping equipment. And Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg is the sole distributor of these top-quality pumps. In fact, we are the distributors of CAT Pumps across the entire southern African region.

The reason why CAT Pumps has made it to the top of the list in terms of high-pressure pumping components is not down to some trade secret. It is a position that the brand has earned through quality and value for money and both of these elements are plain to see in each and every CAT pump and associated product that we offer.

The pumps that we stock from the CAT range are designed to work in over 500 applications across a multitude of industries. That is quite an achievement in itself. We stock CAT Triplex Piston Pumps, CAT Sleeve Pumps and CAT Plunger Pumps. We have more than 150 different variations of CAT pumps in our catalogue. Of course, we do not claim to have it all covered, so we always welcome customers to get in touch with us if they are looking for a CAT product that is not listed on our website or in our catalogue. We will gladly source it for you.

CAT’s products have a reputation for being problem-free between services and are also very economical in terms of energy consumption. These are two additional reasons why so many people trust the CAT Pumps range and why we stand by it. The last thing you want to do is to invest in inferior quality products to save costs, only to find that you lose money and time on repairs and ongoing expensive upkeep.

Power Performers – That Is What CAT Pumps Are

The range of pumps from CAT is also comprehensive in that there is a complete line of compatible pump flow and pressure accessories available, not just for a few of the pump models, but for each and every one of them. Many of the accessories are designed to protect the pumping unit against damage, such as the type caused by abrasion, excess pressure, and overheating. These accessories take care of these fine adjustments and ensure that the pump operates within its safe design limits.

Investing in a CAT pump is wise choice, as you will be ensuring that your business suffers far less downtime and costly repair expenses. In the long run, it is better to buy a pump that guarantees performance than to risk it all on a cheap pump that you do not know much about but has a low price tag.

At Bestline Manufacturing, we welcome you to discover the complete range of CAT Pumps that we stock. Our consultants are always available to provide you with product information and advice and to ensure that you are promptly provided with quotations. Contact us via email or telephone today.