Cat Pumps for Reverse Osmosis and Water Desalination

Numerous applications require the use of high pressure positive displacement pumps, specifically when a constant flow of water pressure is required for reverse osmosis and water desalination. Cat Pumps have proven to be the most reliable pumps to use in water purification and metering systems due to their non-corrosive properties, even in the harshest environments.



What is Reverse Osmosis and Water Desalination?

Just as one would use a filter when making tea from tea leaves, the same principle, albeit on a much larger scale, applies to reverse osmosis for water desalination systems. The filter membranes used in the process are ultra-fine. They are able to not only remove larger substances but they can also remove dissolved particles and minerals from within the water itself. Reverse osmosis processes and water desalination has been used in industrial applications such as water treatment, food processing, water purification, and pharmaceutical refining for many years and is considered as the most effective method of removing contaminants from water.


The Benefits of Advanced Pump Technology

Positive displacement pumps have the ability to move fluid by repeatedly enclosing a fixed volume and moving it mechanically through a system. As reverse osmosis involves grey or brackish water being moved through numerous filtration processes through the pumps, having a reliable and durable pump made from corrosion-resistant materials is crucial to the process. Cat Pumps are the ideal pumps to use for water desalination and reverse osmosis systems as they provide the continuous flow needed, require hardly any maintenance, and have a variety of drive options that can meet demanding requirements.

The function of the pump at water desalination facilities is to feed the untreated water through an intricate network of pipelines, filters, and screens where it is transported by high pressure feeding pumps through cartridge filters into further high-pressure reverse osmosis feeding pumps. The constant screening and filtering processes ensure that once the positive displacement pumps have moved the clean water to various water storage tanks, the water is safe to use.


The Advantages of Water Desalination

Desalination is widely used around the globe and basically, through reverse osmosis, is used to remove the salt from seawater, making it safe for consumption.

  • The water can be used for irrigation, specifically in drought-stricken areas.
  • The membranes used in reverse osmosis make it possible to use seawater as an alternative to freshwater supply.
  • Desalination has been proven as an effective method for creating fresh water sources as the process has been used for decades in several industrial processes.
  • Unlike other purification systems that require rainfall, desalination only relies on the vast resource of seawater
  • Water desalination can reduce the pressure placed on freshwater sources.

There are many areas in South Africa that do not have access to safe water, which makes the process of water desalination through reverse osmosis vitally important.


Versatile and Durable Pump Solutions

For over 50 years, we at Bestline Manufacturing have been the sole distributors of Cat Pumps in South Africa, providing various industries with pumping solutions of the highest quality. Specially formulated seals and high-density ceramic plungers are but a few indications of the attention to detail put into the design of Cat Pumps. Embracing a zero-defects manufacturing policy sets Cat Pumps apart from other pump manufacturers. Cat Pumps’ unsurpassed pump technology makes them ideal for a number of applications and we can assist you in selecting the right option for your requirements.


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