Cat Pumps in South Africa: What Makes Them So Good?

Cat Pumps are available in South Africa. If you’re in the industry, if you’ve had the pleasure of using a pumping system manufactured by Cat Pump, then you probably need no explanation as to why they’re so popular all over the globe. But if you’re new to the game and looking for a reliable name to invest in, read on below.

Cat Pumps, the company, has been around since 1968. They are known as a leading designer and manufacturer of dependable high-pressure positive displacement reciprocating triplex pumps. Simply put, Cat Pumps is a source for quality pumps and pumping systems with a unique functionality that makes them super reliable.

Cat Pumps in South Africa are being used to suit pumping needs in an increasing number of different environments and industries. Some of these include commercial cleaning, manufacturing, military, construction, agriculture, food processing and many more. The most obvious reason for these pumps and pumping systems being the brand of choice is the affordable lifecycle cost, durability and reliable performance.

Of course, choosing a pump or a pumping system depends largely on what it can do for you. The range of Cat Pumps available in South Africa is quite impressive, and boasts equally impressive range specs:

  • Flow systems from 0.061 to 908 litres per minute
  • Pressure from 7 to 689 bar
  • RPM from 100 to 3,450
  • Liquid temperatures from -23°C to 116°C
  • Manufacturing materials can include bronze, brass, nickel aluminium, duplex stainless steel as well as 304 & 316 stainless steel
  • Drives include electric, pneumatic, engine and hydraulic


Part of the success of Cat Pumps in South Africa is attributable to its design principles which complement the longevity of the smaller yet essential parts. The manifold design, for instance, has been created to ensure that seals last. This has been achieved by ensuring all manifolds have been precision-manufactured and that the seals themselves have been designed and manufactured according to the highest standards. Manifolds are available in different materials to ensure that they are capable of accommodating different types of liquids.

Another aspect of Cat Pumps used in South Africa and across the globe is the drive design, which has been designed and manufactured for uninterrupted industrial application. This means that durability has been built into the heart of Cat Pumps, and can be seen in Cat Pump’s proprietary ceramic plungers, each drive’s use of heavy-duty ball and roller bearings and more.

However there’s one thing that make Cat Pumps, in South Africa or anywhere else, worth the investment: since no two factories, mines, hospitals, processing plants or construction sites are the same, Cat Pumps are capable of designing and engineering custom pumps to perfectly suit a specific application. This eliminates the hassle (and some of the expense) of designing the pumping system, sourcing the various parts and getting it all assembled. Cat Pumps also offer testing, to ensure that the pump does what it’s supposed to do. And it’s all backed up by a support service that can provide instructions and advice regarding installation, operation and maintenance.

Cat Pumps in South Africa are being used for a wider number of purposes because of their low-cost lifecycle maintenance, durability and reliability. Making the right choice today can help increase your productivity tomorrow.