Bestline Manufacturing – Your First-Choice of Cat Pump Suppliers

Need to buy or hire a new Cat pump, or do you have one that needs some urgent TLC? Also referred to as “the pump with 9 lives”, Cat pumps are durable, super performing and highly dependable high-pressure pumps that have been designed and built to the most superior quality standards.

For nearly 50 years, Cat Pumps has been celebrated as the most trusted name in high-pressure pumps and systems. An unbeatable brand that embraces every design detail, these pumps can be used in agriculture, commercial cleaning, food processing, manufacturing, misting, cooling, fogging, oil and gas, pressure washing, reverse osmosis, vehicle cleaning and so much more.

At Bestline Manufacturing, we’re no strangers to Cat Pumps. Proud to be the sole franchise holders and Cat Pumps suppliers in South Africa, we simply offer industries, contractors and DIY enthusiasts throughout South Africa an extensive range of Cat pump models that perform over 500 different applications.

At Bestline Manufacturing, our mission is simple and that is to help industries across the board solve their manufacturing and cleaning challenges, so that they can achieve their highest level of productivity and efficiency. Proud to be setting industry standards with our in-house engineering division, manufacturing division, customer service and technical support division, and our exceptional products – not only do we supply Cat pumps, but we also supply a complete line of Cat Pumps accessories to match the flow and pressure requirements of each pump model, such as the following:

  • Cat Pumps Crankcase Oil – designed to increase longevity, our crankcase oil is made up of a special blend and is a multi-viscosity petroleum-based hydraulic lubricant.
  • Pressure Regulators – designed to protect the pump from excessive pressures, all Cat Pumps systems require a primary pressure regulating device and a secondary safety relief to protect against pressure spikes and maintain full system pressure.
  • Pulsation Dampeners – designed to reduce pulsation and increase pump life and system components – dampeners are pre-charged with nitrogen to eliminate moisture and extend bladder life.


Not only will our Cat Pumps accessories ensure optimum pump performance, but they will also reduce maintenance expenses and downtime. Proud to be the first choice of industries and contractors throughout Johannesburg – once you learn a little more about us and our Cat Pumps product range and accessories, we’ll almost guarantee that we’ll be your first choice, too. To find the right Cat pump for your application, contact Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg today.

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