What Sets Cat Pumps Apart from the Rest?

As sole distributor of Cat Pumps in Southern Africa we stand behind the great quality and reliably of each of their high-pressure pumps. Each pump is made with the finest materials and together with our continued availability to service and repair each model, these high-pressure pumps are built to outlast all their competitors.


This diagram gives a meticulous breakdown of the inner workings of a Cat Pumps high-pressure pump

Cat Pumps Dissection
  1. Crankshaft

  • Chrome-moly forging provides exceptional strength for high durability and long life.
  • Three journals with shoulders prevent lateral drift, reducing wear throughout the pump. Superior alignment is maintained by centering on two carrier bearings.
  1. Bearings

  • Bearing design and style are optimized for the power range of each pump frame size, increasing performance and reliability.
  • Oversized premium bearings greatly extend bearing life, with same bearing style used on both sides of crankshaft. The mechanical integrity of Cat Pumps bearing design is unmatched in the industry.
  1. Connecting Rods

  • Matched oversized connecting rods are made of a special high-strength alloy, selected for its excellent castability and long term dimensional stability.
  • Material blend provides excellent dampening capacity and vibration attenuation – excellent for connecting rod material.
  • Hardened material and robust design reduces wear; no inserts or sleeves required in journal bearings.
  1. Plunger Rods

  • High tensile strength stainless steel with Zamak crossheads for strength and superior wear qualities.
  • Guided plunger rod heads, traveling shorter stroke distances in oil flooded lubrication, create less wear than competitive designs.
  • Crankcase crosshead section is concentric with 360° plunger rod support and features drilled-through oil port to lubricate front side of crosshead area.
  1. Crankcase

  • High-strength, lightweight die cast aluminum crankcase with splash oil design allows operation at speeds as low as 100 rpm.
  • Two-coat electrostatic paint process provides a highly durable surface that is water and chemical resistant. Primer consists of a special synthetic resin; final coat is either blue epoxy or blue hammertone paint. Cat Pumps crankcase finish is superior to less expensive surface treatments, such as anodizing.
  1. Seals

  • Specially formulated, Cat Pumps exclusive high-pressure/V-Packing seal material and design offer unmatched seal life. Seals are 100% elastomeric for consistent high quality.
  • Cat Pumps original 100% wet seal design adds to service life by allowing pumped liquid to pass from inlet side through a chamber to lubricate and cool the backside of the V-Packing and spring-side of low-pressure seal. No external lubrication or oilers required.
  • A variety of optional seals/elastomers are available to handle special applications.
  1. Valves

  • Stainless steel valves, seats and springs provide corrosion resistance, positive seating and long life.
  • Valves designed for fast and easy servicing.
  • Valve clearances designed for low pressure loss, preventing cavitation and improving pump efficiency.
  1. Plungers

  • Concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers provide a true wear surface for industry-leading longest life.
  • Graphite-impregnated surfaces provide lubrication and resistance to abrasion, reducing seal wear for long trouble-free operation.

Which Pump is Right for You?

Cat Pumps can be used for a variety of applications and we can help you select the right option for your requirements. Here is a brief explanation of the defining feature of a Piston Pump “Uniflow” Design, Plunger Pump “Direct Flow” Design and a SF Plunger Pumps “Superflow” Design.

Piston Pump “Uniflow” Design

The design of the piston pump is for the fluid to move continually in one, smooth forward direction. This design allows greater suction capabilities and reduces the risk of cavitation provided the pump is properly primed.


Plunger Pump “Direct Flow” Design

The spring-reinforced, preset packing design of the plunger pumps permits significantly greater pressures than piston pumps. The plunger pumps also offer tremendous versatility with optional direct coupling drives and wet-end material options.

Like the piston pumps, the design of the plunger pump also allows for forward liquid flow, however, both the inlet and discharge valves are spring-loaded closed and hydraulically opened.


SF Plunger Pumps “Superflow” Design

In the SF pumps, both the inlet and discharge valves are spring-loaded closed and hydraulically opened, just like the plunger pumps, however, they have a flow- through ceramic plunger design.

The continuous forward flow characteristic of the piston pumps is utilized in conjunction with the packing design of the plunger pumps. These features give the SF pumps strong suction capabilities and higher pressure performances.


You can find more details regarding the difference between these types of pumps here.

The following steps will simplify the selection of a Cat Pump. Cat Pumps are triplex reciprocating plunger or piston pumps. They deliver a specified amount of flow determined by a bore, stroke and RPM of the pump.

  • As the frame size increases, the bore and stroke increase, resulting in higher flow capacity through the Cat Pumps and higher horsepower
  • Plunger Pumps: Chemical and wear resistant ceramic plungers reciprocate through static high and low pressure seals. Cat Pumps plunger pumps handle high pressures, require little maintenance and have a variety of drive options meeting many demanding requirements
  • Piston Pumps: Dynamic piston assemblies, Uniflow valve design and mechanically actuated inlet valves result in strong suction capabilities
  • Manifold Material: Select a manifold material to match the liquid requirements. Cat Pumps have a variety of materials to handle your requirements: Brass (BB) 304 Stainless Steel (S), 316 Stainless Steel (SS), Duplex Stainless Steel (SSD), 316 Stainless Steel Low Carbon (SSL) or Nickel Aluminum Bronze (NAB). For hi-temp or low-lubricity liquids select the block-style or special flushed version (SSL Flushed).
  • Drive Type: Cat Pumps are known for their drive-end durability and dependability. We offer a variety of drive types to meet your requirements. Belt driven. Clutch, direct-drive and gearbox for gas or diesel engines, electric motors, or hydraulic power sources are available.