Where to Get the Best Commercial Car and Truck Wash Products in South Africa

As a firm with over four decades of experience in the supply of commercial and heavy-duty car wash products, we have the expertise to provide clients with custom car wash bays. Our product line is well-suited for cleaning large earth-moving equipment and construction vehicles, which may be too large for normal commercial car or truck wash bays.

Among our many products are the range of high-pressure surface blasting equipment with enough power to remove dirt and grime from vehicles in no time. With the rigid lance system, the operator can point the nozzle to clean a specific part of the truck. The dirt and grime are thus removed through the focussed high-pressure blasting. From the vehicle side panels to the rear tipper can be thoroughly cleaned with our range of commercial truck products.

heavy duty vehicle wash bay27

Pressure Cleaners for Heavy-Duty Use

From courier trucks to tour buses, construction vehicles, and city public transport buses can be cleaned in the custom-designed high-pressure cleaning bays. Our equipment is designed and manufactured to be robust for daily heavy-duty usage.

We thus create a workable solution for car, bus, or truck-fleet owners. The water jetting systems can also be used for applications such as cleaning out pipelines, removing blockages, and removing stubborn dirt from earth moving equipment.

Best Pumps and Jet nozzles

Apart from the applicability to commercial car wash bays, we offer CAT Pumps for the heavy-duty bays because the products are durable and easy to maintain. The earth-moving equipment in underground mining applications is essential for the removal of large volumes of soil and mine materials. Clean vehicles are easier to service and are lower on maintenance than the vehicles upon which dirt, mud, and solids have built up. We also provide the Bestline Jetting Equipment for the underground semi-automatic or drive-through wash bays.

Whether you require jetting systems for semi-automatic car wash bays, heavy-duty underground mine equipment cleaning bays, or sewer-jetting systems for cleaning out pipes instead of having to dig open pipes for removal of blockages, you can rely on us. When it comes to water-jetting and pressure-pump systems, the Bestline Manufacturing and CAT Pumps brands stand out for all the right reasons. Whether your operations are in Johannesburg or elsewhere in South Africa, we are able to deliver the products to meet your operational requirements.

With CERJet Nozzles and CAT Pumps available for the custom-designed vehicle wash bays, you have the assurance of products purpose-built for high-pressure removal of dirt and mud. They have the necessary power to apply sufficient force for surface cleaning to minimise the effort needed for cleaning vehicles.

Where to get more information

The Bestline Manufacturing brand is associated with superior quality products. Get in touch with the team at our Johannesburg offices for more information on our commercial and industrial systems and solutions. We would love to help you find the best solution for your unique needs and our friendly team are always ready to help.