Why You Should Consider Buying a Pressure Washer

Those who already own a pressure washer will need no convincing that it was a sound investment and will probably be keen to sing its praises. For those who do not possess one of these handy gadgets, what follows are a few compelling reasons to purchase one or drop subtle hints about a present for an upcoming birthday or Christmas. However, before you rush off to the nearest hardware store or fire up your favourite online shopping app, let’s first take a look at how these devices work.

In its simplest form, a pressure washer is an electrically powered device that one can attach to a garden hose. Water from the hose enters a pump which acts to accelerate the flow. Pressure on a trigger allows the pressurised water to exit the device as a powerful jet. A rotating nozzle enables adjustments to the outgoing water pressure and flow rate. The control nozzle is usually mounted on the end of a narrow metal tube, known as a wand. The latter makes it easier for the user to direct the water jet where it is needed.

There are numerous reasons for buying a pressure washer. The impressively long list of tasks for which it can be invaluable is just one. Apart from eliminating most of the elbow grease involved in cleaning the family car, the kids’ trail bikes or a caravan, it’s the perfect tool to restore that brand new look to your home’s exterior paintwork. It may take a few months for grime, mould and moss to take their toll on those pristine white or cream walls. Nevertheless, a sufficiently powerful water jet offers a way to eliminate all of these with minimal effort.High-Pressure Washer

Patio floors and decking also pose no challenge for a pressure washer. Neither will concrete, stone or brick driveways and steps. The device also makes child’s play of cleaning fences, patio furniture and windows. It’s all a question of adjusting the device as necessary. For control purposes, closing the nozzle will increase the pressure setting, and the jet will penetrate and loosen the ingrained dirt more effectively. By contrast, opening the nozzle will increase the flow rate and improve performance when it’s time for the rinsing stage.

One can be forgiven for believing these tasks must consume vast quantities of water and that a pressure washer must therefore be an expensive way to expedite cleaning. In practice, these devices are a highly cost-effective option. Most of the time, they restrict flow rate to generate pressure and thus require far less water than necessary when using a regular hose. These units are available with an electric motor or a petrol engine. Electric models are a greener option and significantly quieter. Petrol-driven units are often necessary for those more challenging industrial applications that generally require higher pressures. However, they are also the only option when operating on a site without access to a mains supply.

Choosing the correct pressure washer for a given task can be crucial, and so is a high-quality device. Consequently, many South Africans trust Bestline Manufacturing to assist them with their selection and provide expert backup services to support their world-class products.