Dust Suppression Equipment

The Downside to Dust


When working in the industrial sector, dust can become a major issue in certain aspects, especially when working within a closed environment. Normally, dust build-up could create unnecessary issues within various machinery and on surfaces in a workshop or factory environment. On top of the issues, it can create an unhealthy working environment regarding breathing. The air within a closed working environment is already compromised, if not conditioned, as an air cycle is required to maintain proper safety levels and ensure that the people working within the closed environment are not exposed to any health risks.


Regular air conditioning is a simple fix to closed working environments where no machinery will be used throughout a working day, granting a clean flow of air that will be recycle and provide safe and breathable air for everyone inside. Once a fleet of machines is employed within a closed sector, these machines usually produce various forms of dust particles that could become a part of the breathable air, should there be no dust suppression equipment installed to minimise the health and safety risks for everyone working inside.


In workshops where wood and metal materials are constantly being used for fabrication purposes, dust particles are being released into the air and can become very dangerous if not suppressed. Dust suppression equipment can assist in lowering the amount of dust particles being breathed in by the people in the environment, not only granting a safer workspace, but also delivering cleaner air by reducing the pollution that is caused by the dust. This is where Bestline Manufacturing is a viable option for factories and workshops in Johannesburg.


Custom Dust-Suppression Equipment for Your Workspace


Bestline Manufacturing has been implementing Cat Pumps in South Africa since 1971 and can provide a custom dust-suppression system for your working environment. Within the typical industrial working environment in Johannesburg, airborne dust can lead to numerous issues, including a plethora of health and safety concerns for the people working in confined areas. People suffering from asthma or any similar disorders will benefit most from a custom dust-suppression system for their working environment.


Dust also increases the necessary maintenance required to keep all the machinery and working surfaces clean, and with quality dust-suppression equipment, the required maintenance will be reduced to manageable levels, instead of digging your work bench out from underneath a cloud of dust every morning. Dust particles also pose an imminent threat to your eyes, as regular exposure to high levels of dust can lead to various sight concerns over extended periods. People wearing contact lenses in industrial working environments could suffer from dust particles entering the gap between the eye and the lens, hence requiring a solution for the air in their workspace.


Bestline Manufacturing can offer custom dust-suppression systems for your workspace in Johannesburg. For more information, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let our quality equipment provide you with some quality air for your workspace. We look forward to assisting you.