Custom High-Pressure Cleaners


Water can be very powerful when used in a high-pressure implementation. When water is forced through a high-pressure system, it can be used to surface blast, force pump, or clean, depending on the application. With high-pressure cleaners in mind, heavy-duty car wash bays offer an ideal example of how water can become a viable tool to use for cleaning vehicles of all kinds.


Regular car wash bays will also employ pressure systems to clean dust and dirt off your car but they will be inadequate for cleaning hardened construction materials or similar types of tough dirt from your construction vehicle, which is commonplace for construction vehicles and transportation trucks dealing with long stints of dirt road before being cleaned. Having an efficient high-pressure cleaning system for your heavy-duty vehicles will not only keep them clean, but also ensure that dirt and grime do not build up and cause any issues in the future. Usually, these vehicles are exposed to some of the most extreme work conditions, with the transportation and construction industries being very taxing on vehicles.


Transportation vehicles travel hundreds of kilometres on roads that may be in poor condition, often stuck behind other vehicles that kick up dust and dirt. They are also exposed to the elements throughout their journey, leaving them in a grimy state when pulling into the wash bay at the end of a long day. With a quality heavy-duty, high-pressure cleaner to take care of all the dirt that has accumulated on the vehicle, you can be assured that it will be clean and ready for another day of hard work, not running the risk of undue wear and deterioration due to dirt build-up.


When it comes to construction, gravel and concrete will usually be covering these machines. With Bestline Manufacturing, you will have the tools to efficiently clean these vehicles with ease, not having to worry about damaging the vehicles while in the process of blasting them clean after a hard day’s work. We are situated in Johannesburg and offers custom-designed, heavy-duty vehicle wash bays, as well as earth-moving wash bays, to give you the means to keep your work fleet clean and free of dust and grime. In fact, you can clean almost anything using this high-pressure cleaning process.


Should you want more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and further details on how to take advantage of these innovative and effective high-pressure cleaners for your industrial and transportation vehicles, or contact us directly with any enquiries.