Domestic High Pressure Washers – A First-Time Buyer’s Guide

Summer is here, and that often means it’s time for a major cleanup in readiness for the braais and poolside parties awaiting us this holiday season. Suppose you’re looking for a way to save some time and eliminate the backache that goes with those challenging outdoor cleaning tasks. In that case, it’s time you took a closer look at high pressure washers. Apart from making light work of cleaning the family car, the kids’ bikes and garden furniture, owning one of these machines will allow you to tackle jobs that would be impossible with an ordinary garden hose. That you will also use far less water and save some cash is just the “cherry on the top”. However, given the extensive range of models available, you might find it tricky choosing the one that’s best for you. Here are a few guidelines to help you.


How Much Power Will You Need?

The power of high pressure washers will determine the task for which it is most suitable, and both pressure and flow rate will need to be considered. The former determines the machine’s overall cleaning power. It is expressed in bars, while the latter measures its rinsing capacity and is measured in litres per hour. These two parameters are inversely proportional, meaning as one increases, the other decreases. A higher flow rate is best when cleaning cars. A 100 bar unit should be sufficient for this and other light-duty tasks like decking, fences, and garden furniture.

However, when using high pressure washers on patios and driveways, where deeply-ingrained is often a problem, you will need a bit of extra power. About 130 bar should do the trick and will not harm your car or decking, but you will need to throttle back a bit when cleaning the furniture and fences.

Electric Motor or Petrol Engine?

At the heart of these machines is a pump, which needs a suitable power source to produce a pressurised water jet. Electric high pressure washers are the most popular choice for domestic use. They are perfect for most light to heavy-duty tasks around the home. Even if you don’t have an outdoor power socket, a sufficiently-long waterproof extension lead will allow you to reach as far as you need.

However, electric models may be less suitable if you live on an exceptionally large plot or often need to use the machine away from home. In such cases, a petrol-driven unit offers unrestricted mobility when main power is unavailable. Whatever your need or preference, talk to Bestline Manufacturing about choosing high pressure washers.

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