The Function of A Drill Pump


High-pressure systems use different types of pumps to generate force within such a system. The piston type is probably the most commonly used derivative. These versions are typically used in household appliances such as fridges and they are manufactured on a commercial scale. For industrial applications, they can also be used for surface blasting, water jetting, and dust suppression. However, the plunger type operates slightly differently in comparison. They can be used to power drill pumps for flushing, core drilling, and boreholes.

Bestline Manufacturing offers a wide selection of CAT Pumps that are used in our range of high-pressure systems. Our systems can be customised to suit your business requirements. They range from heavy-duty vehicle wash bays to drill and flush pumps that can be used for multiple purposes. Today, we will look at the differences between the piston and plunger types and highlight their functions within different high-pressure systems. In fact, we offer various types of high-pressure equipment that can bring your business notable productivity and efficiency gains.


The Difference Between Piston and Plunger

When we look at a flush or drill pump, we find that its primary function is to push liquid from underneath the surface into a container for transportation. Such a high-pressure system can also be used for commercial purposes such as boreholes. Boreholes commonly use submersible positive-displacement pumps to force groundwater to the surface. These specialised derivatives are submerged in the liquid and push the water up to the surface to achieve optimal flow rates.

A piston pump uses a positive-displacement design that features a reciprocating high-pressure seal that moves in reaction to the piston itself. In other words, the seal moves on a linear plane, backwards and forwards, in reaction to the movement of the piston to create a positive pushing force. The plunger design, which is commonly used for drill purposes, has a stationary high-pressure seal and a smooth, cylindrical plunger that slides through the seal. This creates a positive force that can be used to force water up from below the earth’s surface.

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