A Guide to Drill Pumps and How They Work

Thinking of investing in a drill pump? Whether you require one for DIY jobs around the home, or whether you require this spectacular tool to better your business services – there’s no denying that drill pumps are simple, fast and efficient tools. A specialised piece of equipment useful for a variety of applications, drill pumps are used to pump non-flammable fluids, empty clogs, change oil, drain aquariums and pools, or pump water out of boreholes, pits or wells.


A Valuable Asset to Every Toolbox

Ideal for small-scale residential, commercial and industrial use – a drill pump is a valuable asset to just about every toolbox. Inexpensive and found in all shapes and sizes, today, there are several types of drill pumps that can be found on the market. There are those that are air powered, known as pneumatic pumps, and there are those that are water powered.


How They Work

Designed for use with both line-cord powered drills and battery-operated electric drills, a drill pump is a low capacity pump impeller that is operated through the connection of the impeller’s drive shaft to a portable electric drill. How they work is simple. With no internal motor to drive the impeller – drill pumps have a circular centre piece with a clearly marked intake and outlet side, which contains a mechanism that can be attached to the head of an adjustable power drill. While some drill pumps are purchased with a built-in hose, others require you to purchase one. Simply hook a garden hose to the inlet and outlet, fire up your drill and let this powerful tool do all the work. Once the drill is turned on, a small impeller within the pump begins spinning, which pulls the fluid through an inlet hose and ejects the fluid out the other side through the outlet line. Although drill pumps don’t have the power of a standard pump and therefore cannot move large amounts of fluids over long distances, they do have the advantage of low cost, compared to self-contained standard pumps.


About Bestline Manufacturing

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