Which Spray Nozzles Are the Most Durable? We’ll Tell You!


Spray nozzles are used for a number of purposes, including misting for cooling purposes, and in spray booths in car washes. It’s important to note that any spray nozzles you invest in for your systems and equipment will be exposed to an overwhelming amount of abrasion, which can lead to the items wearing down or becoming ineffective. For this very reason, it is important to ensure that you spend your money on spray nozzles that are designed to be exceptionally durable.


While standard spray nozzles that are typically sold on the market might be available with no real guarantees in terms of durability, the range of CERJET spray nozzles is quite different. These nozzles are manufactured with a ceramic orifice, which means that wear and tear can be handled with greater success. When it comes to wear resistance, the CERJET range will not disappoint.


In order to test the durability and strength of these nozzles, the Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness is used. This particular scale is used to classify the hardness of minerals. The scale ranges from 1 to 10 and includes a series of reference minerals. Where a material ranks on the scale is determined by how easily it can scratch other minerals that are rated lower on the scale. When CERJECT ceramic orifices are tested, they rank 7 on the scale. They are also known to last as much as 30 times longer than a stainless steel nozzle, and when compared to brass nozzles, there’s simply no comparison… brass is far inferior to ceramic!


Bestline Manufacturing offers top-quality spray nozzles, which are available at our Honeydew premises in Gauteng. We dedicate ourselves to presenting the most superior quality products to the market, which includes our spray nozzles. While we believe in providing our clients with access to affordable rates, we never compromise on quality and value for money..


There’s every reason to believe that there are different requirements for spray nozzles on the market, and with this in mind, we make ourselves available to our clients at all times, so that we can provide advice and guidance on which nozzles to buy, and what to expect from each brand and model.


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