If You Need Dust-Suppression Equipment, Learn About Cat Pumps Misting Systems Here


Airborne or fugitive dust can have a detrimental effect on a business in more way than one. In the mining and construction industries, for instance, if an excessive volume of dust particles is found in the surrounding air, the business can fall foul of legislation and get a hefty fine, and even face closure. Even more importantly, staff members working within such environments can be prone to respiratory health concerns as well as injury hazards as a result of poor visibility. Excess fugitive dust can also have a negative impact on the environment.

It goes without saying that ensuring a worksite is dust-free is about more than just being compliant with imposed regulations. It is also about taking care of the environment and those who work for you. One of the methods of controlling fugitive dust is to install effective dust-suppression equipment. One of the most preferred types of equipment available on the market is undoubtedly the high-pressure misting system. This piece of equipment can be used to effectively keep dust particles out of the air by wetting them. A fine mist of water droplets is sprayed and combines with the dust particles; through gravity, the particles fall to the ground.

Of course, not all high-pressure misting systems are made equal and that is why we strongly recommend that you consider the Cat Pumps range of misting systems. These units are designed for maximum efficiency and can be used in both small and large areas. Because Cat high-pressure misting systems send water through a highly pressured atomising nozzle, it means that a large area can be misted or wetted at once. The misting spray is so fine that there is no risk of saturating or soaking the ground in the process.

At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, we aim to provide our customers with only the best quality dust-suppression equipment on the market. We are the sole distributors of Cat-branded pumps in southern Africa and we endeavour to supply misting systems to the market at the most affordable prices. With various types and capacities of pumps and nozzles available, we recommend chatting to one of our team members first so that we can provide you with an accurate quote and information.

For more useful information and advice on the dust-suppression and the equipment needed to achieve legal compliance and a healthy work environment, contact us at Bestline Manufacturing. Simply send us an email or give us a call today.