Working with Dust Suppression Equipment

Dust suppression equipment has a lot to offer, and products can be custom designed to meet the individual needs of any customer. Most of the modern manufacturing facilities require advanced technology and equipment to meet their demanding needs and to increase productivity; these machines are designed to minimise dust as much as possible, making the environment cleaner and healthier to operate in.

In any environment, airborne dust particles can cause health problems amongst employees and customers, as well as cause environmental concerns. It will lead to an increase in maintenance requirements and might even cause compliance issues in some industries.  This is why a high pressure misting system is often used to reduce these threats and to eliminate airborne particles from causing unnecessary issues.

Cat pumps are used to efficiently pump water through a high pressure system with nozzles, to provide misting to a larger area. These fine drops of water will catch the dust and settle down due to gravity. The result of this is cleaner air and a safer working environment for everyone involved. The other benefit of a dust suppression using high pressure misting system is that it will not cause the area to be wet, so it is safe to use in most industries. It won’t saturate the area so it won’t cause any direct hazard.

Most manufacturing plants need to schedule housekeeping and general cleaning for a time that will be most convenient; these activities might interfere with production, which is why it is usually scheduled during the evening. With an effective dust suppression system in place, this won’t be necessary and it will allow for increased productivity throughout all industries. Automatic dust removal is a huge benefit for factories and plants that and this can significantly reduce their ongoing costs in terms of housekeeping and daily cleaning. Older methods will take more time, and you will need to take note of additional wear and tear on older cleaning equipment since it will be used on a daily basis.

Bestline Manufacturing specialises in dust suppression equipment that is suitable for any industry. Regardless of the size of your working space, our technology will assist any business in reducing their cleaning times, and allowing for an efficient system that will not have a negative impact on their business. It will help them to be more compliant and allow for a healthier working environment for their employees.