The Advantages of Dust Suppression


Dust is something that everyone is familiar with, since it is all around us, more so during the drier seasons. It gathers on furniture, household appliances, cars, and electronic equipment all the time. It is transported through the air and rides on the wind, penetrating every crevice. It can be very difficult to trap and suppress it. Although it doesn’t pose a significant threat in a regular household, it can become a very dangerous substance in specific situations – dust can even be explosive when it ignites. Bestline Manufacturing offers solutions in terms of high-pressure dust-suppression systems using positive-displacement pumps to power them.

This type of equipment is used to trap dust particles within closed-off areas. It can also be used in open areas, if somewhat less efficiently. Some people are highly allergic to the small particles as well, which is another reason to deal with them. Within an industrial setting, pumps are used in the equipment that combats airborne particles and, in fact, these machines would not be able to do their job without high-pressure pumps at all. Today, we will touch on the benefits of using such systems for your business.

Although the process of dust suppression sounds complex, the implementation is not that difficult to understand. These systems typically spray water into the air in a fine mist to trap particles, causing them to fall to the ground under gravity. By pumping a light and saturated mist of water into the air, you can trap these particles on the ground where they can easily be cleaned. As a result, you will have a safer and less allergy-causing work environment with air that is free of various particles. This equipment is commonly used in closed-off areas or at industrial facilities where dust can become an issue if not addressed appropriately.

Positive-displacement pumps are used to power dust-suppression equipment. They generate the necessary pressure to force water through the system and the spray nozzles in the required fine mist. They are normally powered by electric motors and can have specifically designed gearboxes that can adjust their driving force – and thus their pressure. If you run an industrial facility where airborne particles are a problem, we offer a solution that can effectively suppress them and deliver a cleaner, safer, work environment. We also offer other high-pressure solutions for your business, ranging from custom vehicle wash bays to water-jetting equipment.

Bestline Manufacturing is your supplier of high-pressure systems and positive-displacement pumps in Johannesburg. For more information on our dust-suppression equipment, please browse our website for specifications. Choose us today and clear the air – for good.