Industrial-Duty High-Pressure Flush Pumps for Your Business


Industrial high-pressure systems are used to pump liquids or gases through a sealed system to change the behaviour of the dispensed liquid or gas. The most common examples of these systems bring us to surface blasters and water-jetting machines. Such equipment is designed to propel the flow of the water being forced through them at high pressure and speed. The pressure in such a system is generated by a positive-displacement pump. This type of equipment can also be used for drilling and flushing purposes.


We specialise in the manufacture and installation of high-pressure systems for industrial businesses. Our extensive range of products is manufactured to your business’s requirements. We offer high-pressure solutions for a variety of applications as well; ranging from dust-suppression equipment to heavy-duty vehicle wash bays, we can deliver quality equipment that will meet your needs in any application. For this purpose, we use and supply top-quality CAT Pumps. Whether it is for drilling, flushing, surface blasting, or water jetting, we have you covered.


The Basics of High-Pressure Systems


Industrial-duty high-pressure systems are commonly used to flush underground pipelines and surface blasting surfaces clean. In both cases, the flow of the water being forced through such systems is intensified by the pressure being generated by the pumps. The pump is the beating heart of any high-pressure system and it can be regulated with various drive types to suit different applications. Water-jetting and surface-blasting equipment are some of our specialities. Water-jetting equipment employ lances to accurately jet the water into a pipeline, while surface-blasting equipment utilises spray nozzles to dispense the jet of water once it exits the system at high pressure and speed.


A blockage can be flushed out of a pipeline with such equipment. Underground pipelines can be dug up and the blocked section can be replaced; however, this would require expensive, disruptive trenching with heavy equipment, so water jetting is a better and cheaper solution. The pump in such a system is controlled and operated by the person or people keeping the lance in place at the entrance of the pipeline. The lance must be deftly controlled at all times during the operation. The jet of water shooting from it travels at a very high speed to punch through the blockage and flush the pipeline of unwanted debris.


Surface-blasting equipment utilises the high-speed flow being generated by a high-pressure system to its advantage. As opposed to water-jetting equipment, a surface blaster features spray nozzles to spread the water jet onto the intended surface. We offer CERJET nozzles that feature ceramic orifices for a more durable spray-nozzle solution. The pump in such a system can generate intense levels of pressure, resulting in very high flow rates. Therefore, the nozzles must be resistant to abrasion and withstand the constant flow of water being jetted through them at high pressure and speed.


Bestline Manufacturing is your first choice for high-pressure solutions in Johannesburg. We offer a range of CAT Pumps and can manufacture high-pressure systems for your business. Drilling, flushing, and surface-blasting and water-jetting equipment are at your fingertips. Please browse our website for more details on our available equipment today.