Cat Flush Pumps for Dependable Performance

Are you scouring the market for the best quality flush pump that can offer you the highest standard of dependable performance? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to choose a Cat flush pump. Used for low-lubricity deionised liquids with elevated temperatures – and unlike standard plunger pumps – Cat flush pumps feature a ported inlet manifold that permits an external flush liquid to circulate between the low and high pressure seals.


The Best Value for Your Money

As a flush pump that surely has to be considered the best value for money available today, there are several reasons why they stand out from rival products. Benefits range from increased seal life, excellent containment of pumped liquids, reduced maintenance, an excellent reliability record resulting in a safer working environment, energy-efficiency, and extreme dependability and versatility, flush pumps manufactured by Cat pumps offer the best quality, longevity most dependable performance available in the industry.

For nearly 50 years, Cat pumps have been trusted as the most foremost name in high-pressure pumps and systems. Offering unbeatable products that embrace fine design and are manufactured using only the highest quality components, these pumps can be used in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, oil and gas and so much more.

At Bestline Manufacturing, we are no strangers to Cat pumps. Associated with quality and precision, we are proud to be the sole franchise holders and Cat pump manufacturers in South Africa. We are based in Johannesburg and specialise in an vast range of stainless steel products, car wash products, pressure washer products, high pressure mid-size pumps, large-frame low-flow industrial products, direct-drive industrial pumps, water reverse-osmosis pumps, drill pumps, cat flush pumps and cat pump accessories – our Cat flush pump models extend from brass to 316 stainless steel and can be found in performance ranges of 0,5 – 60 GPM and 100 – 7000 PSI. Engineered for maximum performance, all our Cat flush pumps are machined for extreme applications and built for tough conditions.


South Africa’s 1st Choice Supplier and Manufacturer       

Backed by excellent customer support, repair services and warranties, we are your first choice throughout Johannesburg and environs. Once you learn a little more about us and our Cat pump range and accessories, you will understand why we have to be your first choice. To find out more about our flush pumps and to find the right Cat pump for your application, contact Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg today. Partner with a Cat pump supplier and manufacturer that cares.