General Uses of High Pressure Water Jetting in Gauteng

You may not believe it, but there are a number of very practical elderly gentlemen keen to look past the toil associated with the manual application of brush and soap to driveway on their hands and knees. Although they’d still recommend a good dose of elbow grease to further the glow in the rubicund cheeks of the youth, they’ve realised that a line must be drawn somewhere. High pressure water jetting is taking off in Gauteng

Of course, being retired they have the time to test out devices that will help them have more time for themselves. It stands to reason then that high pressure water jetting in Gauteng or anywhere else in the country is the perfect solution for those who want to get a job done, not only in the shortest amount of time, but in a fashion that a toothbrush and a pair of bruised knees never can.

High pressure water jetting relies on a pump, like those manufactured by Cat Pumps, to build pressures up to 5,000psi and more. This pressure is then used to eject water through a rod which is connected to the pump by a hose. Pressure can be adjusted, which means the pump becomes a tool suited for different purposes. These pumps are often used in industrial settings – not only to pump water, but all manner of media, including air – for a variety of purposes.

The applications of such a system in and around the house are numerous. Those senior folk we know of primarily use it to clean their driveways. And it is an excellent piece of equipment for that purpose, since the jets of water are able to penetrate deeper and stronger than any broom or brush ever could; bits of debris lodged in these cracks are dislodged in such a way that a vacuum cleaner will find hard to match.

Of course, you’d probably not invest in high pressure water jetting for your home just for the driveway, right? Slats used to cover garage doors, fences and the like are left sparkling under the pressure of the jets of water. Walls are left free of the muddy imprints of our four-legged friends, their two-legged playmates and the general accumulation of dirt and grime. Think about the money and time our greying friends would otherwise have spent to get these jobs done.

High pressure water jetting used in and around Gauteng homes can also play one other very important role in keeping the house in tip top shape: the unclogging of drains and pipes. These systems are already employed by many municipalities around the country for that express purpose, since they can clean faster and break up debris more easily and more completely than any other known method.

The adjustable pressure with which the water is pumped makes this an ideal all-rounder in and around the home, in businesses and even in industrial environments. If those elderly gentlemen are capitalising on the benefits of high pressure water jetting in Gauteng, then surely you can too, right?