Select a Good-Quality High-Pressure Washer at Bestline Manufacturing


The uses of a high-pressure washer are many in both the industrial and residential environment. High-pressure washers make use of a high-pressured spray of water which is used for removing loose paint, dust, caked on mud, chewing gum, mould, oil, grease, grime, and similar. The high-pressure washer can be used for efficiently cleaning various things, such as heavy-duty vehicles, concrete surfaces, bricks, roof tiles, building walls, driveways, garage floors, and more.


How do you know how powerful your washer is and if it is well suited to your particular cleaning tasks? The power of a high-pressure cleaner is determined by how many litres of water it can express per minute. The pump that powers the unit will be the determining factor in its overall capacity and strength. Of course, the pressure can be adjusted down from the maximum strength, but never above. Therefore, each pressure washer on the market is sold according to its highest power output. When shopping around on the market for a high-pressure washer that is suited for use in an industrial environment, you will find that there are many capacity options typically ranging from 750 PSI to 30 000 PSI.


The pump that is incorporated in the high-pressure washer is of great importance. The capacity and reliability of the pump will determine whether the high-pressure washer is in fact the right choice for you. Understanding the general makeup of a high-pressure washer will help you to decide if it’s a good choice for you. The basic high-pressure cleaner consists of a motor, high-pressure water pump, high-pressure hose, and a trigger. When a high-pressure washer is connected to a water source, it is the nozzle that is used to create the high pressure required to make the expressed stream of water useful for cleaning.


It goes without saying that high-pressure washers can be dangerous and must be used safely, and only according to the instructions. If you are investing in a high-pressure washer for industrial or business use, we strongly advise that you educate yourself and your staff on the acceptable and safe use thereof. One step in the right direction towards safe high-pressure washer use is to invest in a good-quality brand, and one that’s powered by a durable and reliable pump and motor. At Bestline Manufacturing in Johannesburg, we believe that we have just the right high-pressure washer for you.


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