Under High Pressure


Water not only gives life on Earth, but has many applications in the modern era. Whether it be the industrial, commercial, or residential sector, we all benefit from the wide range of uses for water. A typical use for water is to wash and clean vehicles, with high-pressure washers being an effective way to get rid of all kinds of dirt on even very grimy vehicles. For personal vehicles, the process is simpler, with various car wash stations available at fuel stations that use high-pressure washers to clean your car.


When it comes to the commercial and industrial sectors’ vehicles, the picture changes. With bigger public transportation vehicles such as buses and earth-moving industrial vehicles being used on construction yards, a regular high-pressure washer station would be too small and too inefficient, due to the sheer size of these vehicles. This is where Bestline Manufacturing can offer a solution with our heavy-duty vehicle wash bays and the powerful force of high-pressure washers and pumps to ensure that these vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and stripped from all the dirt after a hard day’s work. Today, we will have a closer look at how high-pressure washers can be the difference you need in your work environment.


A High-Pressure Washer for Heavy Duty Work


When it comes to washing and cleaning heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and vans, the process can take hours when not using the ideal equipment. To keep these vehicles clean is a daily task and can be a daunting one at that when you have a big fleet of vehicles. This is where Bestline Manufacturing can offer the power of high-pressure pumps for a heavy-duty vehicle wash bay that will take care of washing and cleaning your vehicles in a much more effective way than a normal hose and hand-washing ever could.


Our high-pressure washers are custom-designed to meet the requirements and preferences of our clients and we have the experience to deliver the quality and efficiency that will get the job done with minimal hassles on a daily basis. By using powerful heavy-duty pumps, our washers can remove tough dirt, mud, and sand with ease, obviating the need to use any other methods to remove hardened dirt and grime form these vehicles. We make use of Cat Pumps in these high-pressure washers to get the ideal results, giving optimal performance in heavy-duty, high-pressure applications.


Our wash bays can operate on a semi-automatic or drive-thru basis, depending on your preferences, and can serve as a viable solution to keep your vehicles clean and ready for the road. Bestline Manufacturing also offers a viable solution for cleaning earth-moving vehicles with the power of high-pressure washers, giving you the tools to ensure that your vehicles are clean and ready for another day of hard work.


When it comes to high-pressure washers for the commercial and industrial sector, Bestline Manufacturing has the solutions you need to take care of washing and cleaning your vehicle fleet. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and listings on our available pumps, or contact us directly with any enquiries.