Heavy Duty Wash Bays for Your Johannesburg Business

Heavy duty vehicles need to be cleaned regularly in terms of ongoing maintenance and servicing needs. In many industries, there is a need a for wash bays to clean heavy duty vehicles and equipment. Heavy duty wash bays are required to handle those tough cleaning tasks that would just take up too much time or cost too much in terms of man power otherwise. If your hard working teams are wasting time on cleaning vehicles at the end of the day, you can expect your company’s productivity and, in turn, profits to take a dive. By freeing up your team’s time, you are making provisions for more work to be done during valuable business hours. If you are looking for heavy duty wash bays for your Johannesburg business, you have come to just the right place.

A wash bay system typically consists of a washing area and a stationery pressure washer located nearby. The pressure washer can also be located in a mechanical room.  The washer is connected to the actual washing area by a series of pressure hoses. There is a remote control panel or various buttons located within the washing area, which control the pressure washer and the various functions of the unit. These controls make it possible for the dedicated wash staff to select and make use of the right hose pressures and functions. A variety of pressure washers can be installed for the use of one washing area. This ensures that a variety of cleaners can work at the same time.

At Bestline Manufacturing, we offer specialised services for the customised design, planning and installation of heavy duty wash bays. Regardless of the size and purpose of the heavy duty vehicle that needs to be washed, we have a wash bay solution to cater to them.  We believe in only making use of the finest components when we are building washing bays, which is why Cat pumps are used. These are simply ideal for removing solids, mud and sand from heavy duty vehicles.

Bestline Manufacturing is the best team to turn to when looking to create semi-automatic and drive through wash bay areas. We pay attention to detail and complete each installation with precision and professionalism. If you would like to learn more about acquiring heavy duty wash bays for your Johannesburg business, contact us at Bestline Manufacturing via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.