High-Pressure Cleaning


When it comes to putting gases and liquids under high pressure, the results can offer viable solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses, whether it is to boost the performance of mechanical combustion engines, jet through underground piping to clear a blockage, or simply clean the surface of vehicles. Focusing on the latter, the most basic form of a high-pressure cleaner for vehicles is a simple garden hose.

Although the water might not be flowing at a very high pressure through the hose, partially blocking the opening of the hose with your thumb increases the pressure at which the water is forced from the hose, creating a high-pressure flow that is ideal for removing dust, grime, and mud from your vehicle. With the use of durable and strong high-pressure pumps, the simple idea of forcing water through a hosepipe can be taken to a new level of high-pressure cleaning, which results in an industrial heavy-duty vehicle wash bay. Today, we will have a closer look at Bestline Manufacturing’s approach to these types of wash bays and how we can offer solutions to your company regarding the manufacturing and installation of a heavy-duty vehicle wash bay.

The industrial sector features fleets of heavy-duty vehicle types specifically built for industries such as mining and construction, while the commercial sector has its focus on transportation, whether it is public transport of freight transport. When it comes to keeping these vehicles clean and ready for another long day on the road or on site, a simple hosepipe will not suffice. Heavy-duty vehicles need heavy-duty high-pressure cleaners to thoroughly tackle the surface build-up of grime, dust, and mud throughout a day on the job.

Our high-pressure vehicle wash bays use CAT pumps and these bays can be semi-automatically operated or simply act as a drive-thru system, depending on your preferences. We also offer earth-moving vehicle wash bays specifically aimed at abnormal industrial vehicles that will not fit in a regular vehicle wash bay, giving you access to very high pressure levels to ensure that you can easily remove dirt build-up from these vehicles with a high-pressure cleaner specifically designed to deal with earth-moving machinery.

We offer viable solutions for high-pressure cleaners for your business. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Bestline Manufacturing today and experience the power of a high-pressure cleaner in your work environment to keep your vehicles clean and ready for another day of work.