Bestline High-Pressure Cleaners


A high-pressure water-jetting system can be used for a multitude of cleaning purposes. Water being propelled at high pressures is very effective for removing built-up dirt, mud, and grime from hard surfaces. A simple example of this is when you wash a car with a garden hose. Partially blocking the hose’s opening with your thumb increases the pressure of the water being forced through the hose. With the increased pressure, the force of the water jet being sprayed onto the surface of your vehicle is increased due to the increased flow rate generated by the pressure.


The principle of a high-pressure cleaner is the same. Piston pumps are used to generate a force to propel water through such a system. Normally, these systems force the water through spray nozzles at a specific flow rate and water-stream shape, so there is a variety of configurations for high-pressure cleaner systems. Bestline Manufacturing specialises in high-pressure systems, with a selection of washers and cleaning systems to choose from. Today, we will delve into our selection of custom systems that we can design and install to suit your requirements.


Custom High-Pressure Cleaning Systems


Earthmoving machinery usually takes a while to clean after a long day’s work. Due to the awkward shape and all the nooks and crannies of these vehicles, they cannot simply be driven through a wash bay. They need to be washed and cleaned manually. Bestline can deliver a custom earthmoving vehicle wash bay to simplify this process. Our wash bay provides all the necessary equipment to make the process of blasting these vehicles clean easy and effective. Therefore, you can maintain your work fleet in a cost-effective and easy way.


We also offer heavy-duty vehicle wash bays. The high-pressure cleaners in these bays are ideal for commercial vehicles such as public and commercial transport vehicles. Buses and trucks can be very time-consuming to wash by hand, as they are large vehicles. With our wash bay, this process becomes cost-effective and saves a lot of time. With the power of a high-pressure system on your side, your work fleet will be clean and ready for the next day of work ahead.


We offer a selection of high-pressure cleaners to take your daily operations to the next level. We also offer a selection of Cat Pumps to power your high-pressure systems. Feel free to peruse our website for listings on our available pumps and details on our high-pressure systems. Choose Bestline Manufacturing today for all your high-pressure system needs in Johannesburg.