Cleaning Under Pressure


Commercial and industrial cleaning systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it is an underground water-jetting system to clear blockages or a car wash bay, high-pressure cleaners are to be found everywhere. Gases and liquids can be put under high pressure within a sealed system or environment to achieve an increased flow rate that can be dispensed via a nozzle. Depending on the substance being placed under pressure, the results – and possible uses – will vary.


With water, a high-pressure water jet is created, because when water is put under pressure within a sealed system, its flow rate and the force of the flow is increased. When pressurised and directed through a small opening, it becomes a very effective high-pressure cleaner. The pressure accelerates the flow of the water, which is directly proportionate to the force with which the water leaves the system. Therefore, water is an ideal liquid to be used in a high-pressure cleaner. Bestline Manufacturing provides a wide selection of Cat pumps and custom high-pressure cleaners for your business.


Bestline’s High-Pressure Cleaner Solutions


Earthmoving vehicles are large and awkwardly shaped because of their specialised jobs of carrying heavy loads of rubble, soil, and other materials. Articulated dump trucks can carry huge loads and are useful on construction and mining sites. After a long day’s work, these vehicles need to be cleaned from all the dust and mud that cake them during the day. This task is very challenging without the right equipment. Bestline can offer you a custom earthmoving vehicle wash bay. This bay employs a high-pressure cleaner that can be used to effectively clean the vehicle and blast grime and other types of build-up from its surface.


We also offer custom heavy-duty vehicle wash bays built to your requirements. These bays are aimed at providing a viable solution for cleaning heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as buses, courier vans, and commercial trucks. Using the brute force of a high-pressure cleaner, this wash bay will deliver the means to clean these vehicles in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.


We offer a comprehensive selection of high-pressure cleaners, along with a wide selection of Cat pumps for your business to take advantage of. Please contact us today with any enquiries and for any details surrounding our products. Whether you need a wash bay or a jetting system, we can be of assistance. Choose Bestline Manufacturing today for all your high-pressure cleaning solutions and put our quality products to work to your advantage.