High-Pressure Cleaners for Your Business

Water jetting is a way to accelerate the flow rate of water through a sealed system. It is accomplished by adding pressure to such a system. The pressure forces the liquid to the exit point of the system. The more pressure is applied, the higher the flow rate and the stronger the force at which the water is expelled from such a system. A very simple example of water jetting is to partially block the mouth of a garden hosepipe with your thumb. The result is a stronger and accelerated flow rate that exits the hosepipe at much higher speed and force. This technique is commonly used for cleaning surfaces.

Water jetting is applicable to various industries today. From a drive-through car wash to underground pipeline blasting, this technique is very efficient for high-pressurecleaning. We offer quality equipment that is manufactured to suit your preferences and we use CAT Pumps in our custom-built equipment to ensure that you have top-quality components that will not fail you. Some water-jetting systems use spray nozzles to create a desired spread once the liquid exits the system. We use CERJET nozzles for extended durability in such systems.

What You Can Expect from Our Cleaners

When dealing with sewers, you want proper jetting equipment that can take care of pipeline blockages without you having to dig up the pipeline to replace a section. However, these pipelines can be difficult to get into. Therefore, we can supply such systems with either a rigid or a flex lance. The rigid lance will stay straight with the high-pressure liquid shooting from its tip; however, you will need to hold the lance firmly in place to ensure that the cleaner stays in position.

A flex lance has a rigid pipe tip with a flexible section behind it to allow the operator to mole the lance into an underground pipeline. From there, the rigid pipe will stay straight while the flex section will keep the high-pressure cleaner in position. Once the flex lance is inserted, the lance will stay steady and in place while dealing with a blockage. By shooting water through a pipeline at a very high flow rate, blockages can be cleared very efficiently.

For surface blasting, a high-pressure cleaner is equipped with spray nozzles to create a suitable spray pattern in accordance with the surface being blasted. CERJET nozzles feature ceramic orifices to grant them more durability and hardness. Therefore, a CERJET nozzle will last longer than their stainless-steel or copper counterparts. The ceramic is less susceptible to wear over time and does not corrode like metals such as steel or copper. Therefore, you can trust that your equipment will keep up with constant use over extended time periods.

Bestline Manufacturing is your solution to high-pressure cleaners in Johannesburg. We can manufacture custom systems to your preferences to ensure that your business has feasible equipment for daily use. For more information on our available equipment, pumps, and spray nozzles, please browse our website. Choose us as your supplier today and experience the efficiency of water jetting for washing, blasting, and cleaning.