Utilising Pressure for Cleaning Purposes

When a liquid is put under pressure within a sealed system, it is forced to the nearest point of exit at a rapid pace. Once the liquid reaches the exit, it is dispensed from such a system at a greatly increased flow rate. The best demonstration of this concept is partially blocking the mouth of a garden hose with your thumb to create a higher flow rate. This principle is called water-jetting, which is how the typical industrial cleaner works.

Cat Pumps High Pressure Pumps

A high-pressure cleaner comes in different shapes and sizes, ranging from lanced underground pipeline-jetting equipment to custom vehicle wash bays. These sealed systems utilise pumps to generate the required force to propel the water to the exits of such a system. These points are usually either spray nozzles for surface blasting or lances for focused jets. They can be utilised for a plethora of useful applications. Today, we discuss how such a system works.

The Power of Pressure

Force generation requires a motor unit, usually with pistons, to generate the required power and pressure for water-jetting purposes. A high-pressure cleaner utilises them as well. For custom vehicle wash bays, we can design and manufacture a commercial vehicle wash bay for your business fleet. We can also provide a solution for the washing of earthmoving vehicles. In both cases, these wash bays utilise the power of surface blasting to get the job done. It is difficult to get rid of mud, dirt, and grime on earthmoving vehicles but luckily, surface blasters can take care of this problem.

Underground pipelines are frequently used to transport a variety of liquids, gases, waste, and sewage within a built-up area. However, these pipelines can get clogged. A conventional approach to such a problem is to dig up the clogged section and replace it by installing a new section in its stead. Another approach is to utilise the power of high-pressure cleaners to blast through such a blockage. Underground water-jetting equipment has lances that shoot a concentrated jet of water through a pipeline to clear a blockage without having to dig up and replace a section of the pipeline.

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