High-Pressure Cleaner

Cleaning with High Pressure


If you have ever taken the time to go outside and attach a hose pipe to a water source to water the garden and clean your car, you are aware that certain pressures being applied to the mouth of the hose will alter the method in which the water is distributed from the hose onto the applied surface. To create a spray effect that can cover a larger area of the garden, you would apply your thumb to the mouth of the hose to focus the water accordingly, whereas when you wash your car, you would close up some of the hose’s mouth to force the water through a smaller gap, creating a high-pressure water cleaner that is effective in removing dirt, mud, and foliage from the applied surface area on your car.


In theory, this concept is accomplished through forcing the water flow through a smaller gap, leading to a build-up that needs to be released at a much more rapid pace than regular water flow. Luckily, we have water pumps that can accomplish a higher flow rate, and in return, a higher-pressure rate at which water can be released, granting the ability to use high-pressure water cleaners in the industrial and commercial sectors as very effective and natural methods of cleaning.


The Applications of High-Pressure Cleaners


At Bestline Manufacturing, we have been working with Cat Pumps in South Africa for the past 40-odd years. With the use of our high-pressure pumps, cleaning can be fast and easy by just using fluids, instead of other labouring methods. An ideal example of an everyday high-pressure cleaner would be the car wash bay at your local fuel station, where water is applied at very high pressures to the car’s surface, while the car slowly moves through the bay. Should you be looking for a company that can deliver custom high-pressure cleaner bays for heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks, busses, minivans, and bakkies, this is where you will find your answer. We also offer earth-moving vehicle wash bays for abnormally shaped and sized machines on the construction yard, also implementing the use of high-pressure cleaners to ensure that any form of dust and dirt is removed before the vehicles are returned to the garage for some much-needed rest.


With Bestline Manufacturing, you can take full advantage of high-pressure cleaners to ensure that your fleet of machinery is clean before driving to sites. Should you be in the Johannesburg area, choose Bestline Manufacturing and let us introduce you to the many applications of high-pressure cleaning equipment.